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The assassination of Etum Numana Mr. Gambo Makama and his wife on 1st January 2018 around past midnight, and the kidnap of the chief of Ikulu Mr. Yohanna Sidi Kukah two days after, are final stages of the master plan to subjugate the chiefs through fear (Poke Toholo Style). James Hardley Chase captured it aptly in one of his multiple series titled: “Want To Stay Alive?” The vicious character Poke Toholo told Chuks and Meg that he had discovered the formula that can unlock the wallets of the rich – FEAR. Poke Toholo started by killing two multimillionaires in the millionaire playground city of Miami. Other millionaires quickly opened their wallets in order to stay alive. Consider this: El-Rufai asked the chiefs to drop the titles of ethnic nationalities and adopt the titles of towns; to which he was resisted. The way crippling of their chiefdoms and the stoppage of allowances have made the chiefs combative against the governor. But after the assassination of The Etum Numana and kidnap of the chief of Ikulu, the news carried it that the disgruntled chiefs have unanimously endorsed El-Rufai – Poke Toholo style. The chiefs want to stay alive and they are aware that the rantings and rhetorics of invalids and wannabes can not save them from these “unknown gunmen”. General Zamani Lekwot’s ‘Book Crammers’ would have come in handy here – it would have been more appropriate now than ever to describe those rhetoricians. A summary of their attitude and our attitude over such issues is aptly captured by Sir Samuel Tabara in this statement:

“…They (satanic forces) know their ‘weaknesses’ and what they want. And know how to get it. We, ‘on the other hand’, entirely don’t understand the value of what we have and so we cherish nothing and have nothing to protect and defend. We only realise danger at sight of corpses of our loved ones, but soon forget about threat to our own lives after every burial – always hopeful of better tomorrow without working for it…”

Feelers has it that candidates in both the APC and PDP would be sponsored by these ruthless satanic forces to accomplish that. The steady massacres and influx of merchants of death in the region are part of the means. The locating of new polling units to settler areas of Laduga in Kachia and Jere in Kagarko without any going to areas where indigenes are, are also part of the means. The end is complete political displacement.

Solution to this problem are few. One of which is, Southern Kaduna must rise in dogged self-defense by not waiting until an attack comes to defend herself. Southern Kaduna must go out to sniff for impending attacks and nip them in the bud in other to halt the ongoing change in demography by massive massacres and displacement of native people, as well as the deliberate policy of exclusion aimed at native people. Southern Kaduna must know that the national security forces have taken sides with her murderers and must never depend on her. The airforce shelling of natives in Numan of Adamawa State, the army shooting of armless protesters in Benue state, the army bullying of natives in Sanga of Kaduna state are all sad indicators of national armed forces being unprofessional by taking sides.

Again, southern Kaduna must see to it that she maintain the only senatorial seat she has, as well as all her federal house of representative seats. The plan by a settler Doctor Abdulmalik Durunguwa to run for Kachia/Kagarko federal constituency is in the pipeline and must be resisted.

There are only two ways of guaranteeing that southern Kaduna retain her senatorial seat, and that is through:

a) sponsoring a fresh candidate to displace Danjuma Laah or
b) maintain Danjuma Laah.

Any other candidate sponsoring himself will come with the interest of his sponsors to bear hard on the region in this critical times. The most likely sponsors of any candidate would be those with keen interest in the region – that is the satanic forces. These same forces control government and can decide the stakes at the polls. Southern Kaduna must never make the mistake of displacing Laah at this perilous times if she is not pooling her resources together to sponsor her candidate. No matter the shortcomings of Laah, at least we know he is ours and with us. Evidence of this abound in how our murderers blacklisted him with the unprofessional federal police invading his house in Kaduna on 9th March 2017. The intimidation and molestation and blackmails Danjuma Laah is under, are all clear indicators. We must not make the mistake of kicking Laah out if we don’t have our independent candidate whom we are ready and willing to sponsor from our pockets. We can not afford to play the politics of money at this critical stage of our existence, because we are facing annihilation. Our key motivation should be self preservation – and in self preservation, we are all expected to contribute our own quota in holding the forth and not to expect to be rewarded for any single effort. We cannot afford the luxury of rewards at this time that we are facing annihilation. We must learn to sacrifice and say no to any option outside the two aforementioned option. By the time the blood suckers are dislodged from power, we can then have the luxury of changing Laah, as well as expecting rewards. We are living in a time that requires either sacrifice or death – thus we must choose wisely.

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