As a concern youth that do not take the issue of human life with levity,i want to bring this issue to the attention of Southern Kaduna lawmakers.

I will like to remind the Southern Kaduna lawmakers about the insecurity in the region.


Southern Kaduna lawmakers should not expect a lawmaker from Zaria LGA,Soba LGA,Kaduna South LGA and Kaduna North to be more concern or raise an observation at State or Federal level for the genocide taking place in Southern Kaduna when most of the lawmakers in Southern Kaduna themselves are quiet.

Let me paraphrase the word of senator Shehu Sani (comr.,),he said that GOVERNOR ELRUFAI SHOULD STOP IGNORING SOUTHERN KADUNA GENOCIDE.Could the word of the senator be true?

It is no longer news that Kaduna State governor have given foreign Herdsmen money to stop the killing in Southern Kaduna in order for them to migrate to their country.

Lawmakers sir,i am drawing your attention because it was after Federal Government of Nigeria exchange Chibok girls with unknown items which they refused to tell Nigerians,that was when Boko Haram re-enforced and killed three colonels including Abu Ali the gallant and bravado soldier and officer.Many soldiers also died and are still dying as a result of such exchange. Lawmakers sir,i am afraid to inform you that the money Kaduna State governor gave these foreign Herdsmen may be use to buy weapons by these Herdsmen and re-enforce like the case of Nigeria Army.How can these Herdsmen be compensated when they have killed more one hundred Southern Kaduna in cold blood and also burnt down more than five thousand houses in Southern Kaduna.

Lawmakers sir, between the foreign Herdsmen and the Southern Kaduna people that voted governor Elrufai into power who deserved compensation?

Those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat the same mistake.

I expect Southern Kaduna lawmakers to raise a point of observation at both State and Federal level with regards to the governor given Herdsmen money and also counter his action on News paper and media.By implication it means that the governor knows these Herdsmen that are killing Kaduna indigene at will.

Lawmakers sir,it is unfortunate where Kaduna State governor is giving Herdsmen money for killing his indigine,but Jigawa State government are selling Herdsmen cattle that destroyed farm produce in order to compensate their farmers.

Imagine a country where foreigners will come to our country and be killing our citizens,only to be followed by the government and be compensated.
Does that mean that our security forces can not stop the foreign Herdsmen to the extend that they have to be compensated?Lawmakers sir,i will like to also remind you that you have taken an oath of office to protect our people and if you all failed at this point by keeping quiet the blood of Southern Kaduna people will all be on your heads.Lawmakers sir,i will still draw your attention once again that if you think keeping quiet will earn you favor with your colleagues and the governor,lawmakers sir,permit me to say that you are all wrong sir.


Lawmakers sir,i think i don’t need to inform you that as the genocide continue that is how Southern Kaduna are loosing power in Kaduna State and are becoming less important since politics is a game of number.Displaced and dead people are synonymous to disenfranchisement when it comes to voting.

How can you go back to your home town and feel at home when your father and forefather grave have been turned into grazing land for cattle and your people have become refugee in their own country?

Lawmakers sir,in North-East,we have operaton LAFIYA DOLE.In Niger Delta,we have operation CROCODILE SMILE.In South-East,we have operation PYTHON.Why cant all of you call for operation SLEEP WITH TWO EYES CLOSED,operation TORTOISE SHELL OR operation KUNNAMA in Southern Kaduna as lawmakers including the whole Middle Belt that are constantly attacked by Herdsmen which is unchallenged by the State and Federal Government in terms of bringing the perpetrators to justice and finding a lasting solution to the genocide.

Silent is a betrayal when you should be speaking and evil proceed when good people do nothing.

Finally, peace upon peace agreement have been signed,yet the killing in Southern Kaduna still continue.

For the governor to give these Herdsmen money,one is tempted to ask.Are these foreign Herdsmen more important to the governor than the Southern Kaduna people that brought him into power?

Why will the governor give the Herdsmen money when he is not the one that bring them?

One can not negotiate with terrorist like the way the governor gave the Herdsmen money because their trade mark are,killing,sucking of blood,stealing,rapping and burning down houses.

Let us be on our guard and sleep with one eye open for those that are at the vulnerable area since these Herdsmen derived pleasure in killing especially during yuletide season.

God have mercy and heal our land.


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One thought on “Youth Writes Open Letter To Southern Kaduna Lawmakers”
  1. My deepest sadness about what is happening in our region, my advise is that every person man or woman, every community in Southern Kaduna anywhere that community is, every chiefdom, our politicians, our retired and service military personnel, our Academicians, our religion’s leaders should come out in one voice and say no to this evil activities of this present GOVERNMENT enough is enough we need peace so that our people can go to Farm, we need peace so that our children can go Schools, WE NEED PEACE IN SOUTHERN KADUNA

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