KADUNA – Stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Jaba Local Government Area (LGA) of Kaduna state, yesterday accused the newly sworn in Chairman of Jaba LGA Council, Mr. Benjamin Jock, of committing an act of abomination under Ham tradition.

 The natives of Jaba LGA are known as the Ham people.

 The Stakeholders charged  that Mr. Jock was fully aware that he woefully lost the last LGA Coincil Chairmanship election as the flag bearer  of the All Progressive Congress (APC) with 7,054 to the candidate of the PDP, Hon. Philip Gwada who grossed 17,967.

 Hon. Godfrey Ali Gaiya, former House of Reps Members (Zangon Kataf/Jaba Federal Constituency) and Former Reps Chairman on Sport, who addressed the Press in Kaduna yesterday, as the Chairman of Jaba Stakeholders of the PDP, said that by agreeing to ‘gleefully flaunt a stolen  good,’ Jock had committed an abomination in Ham tradition and may faced the wrath of God if he did not relinquished the seat to its rightful winner with immediate effect.

 He said: “You are aware that elections into the local government councils in Kaduna state were conducted in most local Government Councils in May/June 2018.

 “Almost a year since the purported fraudulent elections, there are still dust of injustices, flagrant violation of the basic tenets of a free and fair election till date. 

 “We in Jaba LGC are the  worst hit in terms of gross violation of elections procedure and conduct. We were made to vote twice, one on the 12th of May 2018 and then on the 6th of June 2018. While the May 12th Election was about being concluded a directive from the governors office forced the election to be cancelled, over a fictitious allegation of violence.

 “Before the hurried and panick induced cancellation, PDP was winning in all the wards and the collated results before the unwarranted cancellation showed that PDP was ahead with 10,594 votes as against APC trailing far behind with 3,062 votes.

 “As the peace loving people we are known for, we accepted to repeat the rescheduled election of 6th June 2018.

The conduct was again peaceful, witnessed by an unusual heavy presence of the Military, Police force and other paramilitary personnel. At the end of collation in all the wards SEICOM Returning officers duly declared the candidate of PDP winners at the various wands and also declared Hon. Phillip Gwada winner of the council  chairmanship election, on the 7th of June 2018, witnessed by all security personnel, who not only witnessed but signed the relevant portions on the result steps, showing PDP polled 17,967 to defeat APC who polled 7,054

 “Our travail started when on arrival at SEICOM on the 7th of June with SEICOM officials from Jaba, we were told that another result from Jaba  has been brought by one Mr. Ben Kure of the APC.

 “Quite puzzling was the fact that he brought the fake result by 11am an the 6th of June 2018! The day of the election,” he said.

 According to him, it was impossible for voting to have ended, votes sorted and counted, then collated and even taken to Kaduna three hours drive from Jaba LGA.

 “To our utter dismay SIECOM that is suppose to be a neural arbiter declined to issue the winner his retuning certificate and before we knew it, the APC rushed  to the tribunal claiming a mandate that they never won.

 “To reduce a serious matter to mere comedy was the swearing in of the APC flag bearer few days ago while the matter was yet to be dispensed with at the Tribunal.

 “We reject this in its entirety the crude and the reckless manner in which a popular mandate given freely by the teeming people of Jaba to PDP is being manipulated by the government of the day.

 “Jaba has been known for its peaceful co-existence since historical times and we fear that the constant ploy by the government to breach the peace by sponsoring acts capable of causing break down of law and order must be highlighted for all to see.

 “While we appeal to the people of Jaba to continue to be law abiding and forth right, we ask the APC illegal occupier of the Jaba Council office to vacate the seat immediately.

 “It is an abomination in Jaba tradition and believe for a thief to gleefully flaunt stolen goods.  The people of Jaba spoke on the 6th of June and voted massively for PDP’s Phillip Gwada, any usurper of that office is doing so against the voice of the people. We know the voice of the people is the voice of God and we know, He is watching and soon His judgment will decent on all thieves and robbers of the people’s wish,” he said in conclusion.

 The Statement was also signed by Mr. Bissala Gyet, PDP Chairman, Jaba LGA


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