Comrade Usman Okai Austin has described the one year in office of Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello as a disaster foretold, dismissing his administration as a One Chance Government lamented the cruelty and fate that has befallen the State.

He further laments that the Confluence state never had it so bad since its creation in 1991, the outspoken figure said even the former Milltary administrators of the state are rated far better than the coronated Governor

The opposition Voice : “Bello case is like a ‘one chance bus’ where governance is praticised as a deceitful venture. Within one year in office, Bello has wasted and lavished over N220 Billion Naira, including monthly allocation that was allocated to the State from the federal purse and N10Billion Naira infrastructural development fund that was applied for by the previous government that was given to him.
N20Billion Naira Bailout Fund and Parish Club Excess Refund of N15 Billion Naira, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris Ibro built Federal Government Roads and the money was refunded back to the state worth N16 Billion from the Federal Government for the Ajaokuta,Lokoja Road Rebuilt by IBRO Government.

The 700 millions Ecological funds and December 2015 allocation left behind by the Wada Administration, and minimum of N600 millions internally generated revenue.

This is the highest by any Governor so far, more than what Governor Wada received in his entire four years in office.

The question is, what has Alhaji Yahaya Bello used all these resources to achieve for the State?

It is on record that instead of improving on the legacies of his predecessors in managing the Civil Servants , he instead chose to destroy them. Over thousands of the workers and pensioners are labeled ghost workers based on the policy of Bello Administration .

Modern primary and secondary constructed by the previous Administration have now been turned into dens of criminals and kidnappers due to the lingering strike orchestrated by non payment of teachers.

Our health sector has gone from bad to worst within one years as the capable hands are labeled ghost Doctors and Nurses and Hospital denied of modern equipments to the extend that the patient has to go and buy syringe from chemist themselves. Kogi state Diagnostic Hospital Lokoja is more of mortuary as so many dead corpse are seeing on bed due to poor health facilities,

“Our Agriculture sector that was revolutionised through the establishment of the Modern Agricultural Development Projects ADPs the Palm Fruits and the Rice Production Centres have either been scrapped or rendered useless by Bello Administration.

The opposition youth leader bemoaned the high level of violence in the State in the past one year that Bello has been in power. “Today, the Confluence State under Yahaya watch is termed as Confluence of blood where kidnappers, assassins, cultism, robbers not only hold sway but are empowered through patronage.

A lecturer from Benue state was Kidnapped and his dead body found, last week, so many were abducted along Ajaokuta, Itobe Road among them is Hassan Ado the former Chairman of the PDP Dekina and Others the kidnappers collected millions from their victims, the prominent Traditional Ruler from Ajaokuta spent his new year eve with kidnappers as the victims are left alone with their fate, the state government can’t beat her chest and tell us any effort put in place to secure the state as there is an exodus of Kidnappers into Kogi state because Bello has made kogi state the safe haven for the kidnappers and the armed robbers,

Everyday people are Being kidnapped as the government seems careless or clueless,Okai said

Based on the above sad and pathetic scenario, is now obvious that the Confluence State has nothing to celebrate, “especially having ensured that one year in office the state civil servants are treated like slave due to his obnoxious policy as Kogi State is no longer safe even for the passerbye,

Alhaji Yahaya Bello performance in several other aspects of the lives of Kogi people has also been woeful. Till today, Alhaji Yahaya Bello administration has no concrete policies on Agriculture, Education, Industrial Development, Manufacturing, Tourism, Employment Generation, State Security, etc. This man is a total disaster.

The only visible achievement by Bello and his gang of confused minds is repackaging and commissioning of Class rooms built by the management of the School Health Technology,Idah and repainting of street light pools in a Lokoja Town put in place by the Wada Administration and the heavy taxation and levies being imposed on Trailers passing by as well as the reintroduction of school WAEC /NECO fees earlier cancelled by Alhaji Ibrahim Ibro Administration.

We the good people of Kogi should ask ourselves, what have we gotten ourselves into?

Where and when did Kogi State fall off the track and fall into Bello’s one chance bus?

“Who did this kind of thing to us?” As we sympathize with the people of Kogi State over the misfortune of having a one chance government rule over them.

It appealed to Bello “in the interest of our people and the future of our children, not to be ashamed and to humbly ask his predecessors to teach him how to manage civil servants and possibly learn from their own mistake on where they failed and what is their mistakes

Alhaji Yahaya Bello is fast emerging as the first clueless governor of Nigeria ,Kogi state is blessed with men of intellectual capacity but we are unfortunate in leadership.

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