Unless they change their minds, five (5) commissioners in Gov. Yahaya Bello cabinet who are no longer comfortable with the leadership style of the governor and unfavorable public criticism to the government are considering resigning their appointments.
I personally gathers from a close aide to one of the commissioners that the decision of his boss and others are not unconnected to the upsurge of suffering in the land and unsavory public opinion towards the government.

On the list of the purported resignation along with the commissioners is the state deputy governor,Honourable Simon Achuba who glaringly playing the role of a rubber stamp with the chief of staff Edward Onoja displaying his zeal as defacto deputy governor due to overbearing influence on the Governor Alhaji yahaya Bello‎

Without mincing words,it is rather more dignified for the governor to also throw in the towel as an obvious incompetence and greed has override the public interest of managing the leadership position in kogi state‎

The most worrisome scenario is lack of capacity,transparency and accountability as many funds both statutory and aids had developed wings into private pockets and the governors empire ‎

Edward Onoja ,kogi governor chief of staff and defacto governor has now assumed the duties of all public officers ranging from the deputy governor,accountant general,commissioners,special advisers and media aides to the governor as these officers are only left to act as figure heads and the deputy governor only attend functions as ceremonial head‎

With no stint of stewardship and directionless administration,many of the commissioners who threaten to throw in the towel indicated there interest to reverse their decision to continue with Bellos administration on a testament of transparency,accountabilty, and avoidance of blatant lies that have eroded the good leadership traits in the state‎

One of the commissioners said , we are quitting and nothing can stop us , in his own words ” as am talking to you now any where I go to, they called my driver to give them feed back, we only attend Council meeting just to take attendance and fulfil all righteousness as our contribution is not needed am tired of Follo-Follow”

The one from Kogi Central who also indicated readiness to quit said for us to stay “Edward Onoja must go or he should allow us to function as Commissioners”

By Austin Okai


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