By: Shemang Daniel

The wife of a season journalist has been discharged from Asokoro General Hospital in Abuja, the Nigeria’s capital.

Mrs Rita Kozah was taken to the hospital on Thursday morning the 15 of September 2017, to for a successful delivery was on admission until Thursday the 19th of October 2017.

According to some sources Mrs Rita Kozah have had three surgeries and have lost the baby due to doctors negligence.

From Right to the left: Mr. Bitrus Kozah,(husband of the patient) Mrs. Rita Kozah, (the patient) Miss Amina (a friend and a nurse) Mrs. Caroline Mutum ( the mothers in law of Mr. Kozah) and some other patients relations in the hospital.

Mr. Bitrus Kozah who narrated the unpleasant experience in the hospital call on medical practitioners to be more diligent while on duty because they are dealing with human life not animals.

Mr. Kozah said “I brought my wife to the hospital shortly when her water broke before going into labour but was kept for over twenty four hours observation by a Doctor” he added that “when I called my wife who was in the Labour room said the baby was not longer kicking again. We have to call the Medical Director of the hospital before she was properly attended to.”

From right to left: the Medical Director of Asokoro General Hospital Dr. Mrs. Uche Afiomah, Nurse Amina Umar, Mrs Rita Kozah, a well wisher and Dr. Bello Akintobi

“I felt bad after loosing my child my wife having three surgeries and even have to celebrate her birthday in the hospital.”

Mr. Kozah who thanked the Management of the hospital for their intervention to save the life of his wife but warn against unprofessional attitude in hospitals.

He added that the incident happened within the same period when the wife of Nigerian President Mrs. Aisha Buhari lamented on the state of the State House Clinic in the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

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