While one may not be able to wholly or absolutely predict the outcomes of elections in Nigeria these days, however, going by the trends and the body language of government officials, one may surmise that 2019 general elections and the ongoing elections in Ekiti is a foregone issue. The APC has it in its kitty.
Service chiefs: since the beginning of the present administration’s life, the president appointed all the service chiefs from his region and religion. Despite their inability to quell the Boko Haram crisis, stop the Fulani/ Farmers clash and the bloodletting in Zamfara the president choose to retain them. In Nigeria as it is today, the Army boss, Inspector General of Police and others owe their allegiance to the president and not the country. So if you are loyal to the president you will do his bidding including rigging election for him, knowing that if he wins, the greater your chances of retaining your position.

for the first time in Nigeria’s history have an incumbent president appointed the boss of electoral commission from the same region and religion with him.
There seem to be an unwritten code with previous administrations that the head of the Nigeria’s electoral body must not be from the same region as the president. This is done in order to avoid favouritism, nepotism and regionalism during an election but, Buhari has changed all of that. No wonder crucial elections in Edo and Ondo went the way of the ruling party. Ekiti is on the cliff hanger and may fall if the international community do no mount pressure.
As a writer from the lugarchan north and a broadcast analyst living in the north, I have come to the realisation that the radio stations is being threatened with heavy (sanctions) fines if air content that are too harsh or critical of the incumbent president. The same thing is applicable to TV stations. On the other hand, stations which carry none damning and critical views of opposition parties are allowed.
It is not hard to phantom, the chairman of the Nigerian Broadcast Commission, the regulatory body Mr Modibbo Kawu is also from the north and going by his previous write ups as a Journalist, Columnist, one can decipher wherein lies his stance.
Yesterday, pictures and video clips showing Governor Ayo Fayose sprawled on the floor suffering from the effects of being tear-gassed by the police. Though, the police later apologised for its actions but the import of their actions have been made manifest. You don’t oppose the party of the Commander- in -Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria. The Armed Forces of Nigeria are not impartial.


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