agyaisokay4rep is his campaign slogan as adopted by political folks and well wishers who are bent on progression not retrogression.

The literal meaning of OKAY can be what makes life better without an alternative. I think, this was adopted after taking into consideration all other options in who to legislate the affairs of Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna Constituency in the green chamber.

But what is the propelling force that prompt the admiration of this passionate and vibrant team leader (Agya) by his admirers to seeking a seat presently occupied by his kinsman of same LGA?

My findings revealed quite a lot as a missing link between the governed and the government, hence one can be prompt to say the constituency is deprived of vocal and vibrant representation.

Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna is lacking in her quest to bridging the long existing gap between her and other constituency, which can be deduced from a nearby Takum, Ussa, Donga and Yangtu constituency in terms of human empowerments and the numbers of constituency projects excuted, hence the people are optimistic that Agya will salvage the situation with a better package.

My personal encounter with the constituents who laid bare their minds on lack of feasible bills initiated into tapping the abundant mineral resources the constituency is blessed with, is perceived to be negligence and lack of focus driven people’s oriented legislation which is detrimental and retardant to the growth of the constituency, in a resolved only Hon. Agya is believed to have the political will and foresight to initiate such bills and pursue same for assent and onward implementation.

In the just assented appropriation bill signed by Mr. President, Gashaka, Kurmi  and Sardauna constituency has no reflection as to what may benefit them infrastructurally, this can simply be said of a leader whose political tentacles are limited in capacity and legislative initiation to lobby all that are saddled with budgetary preparations to insert projects that benefit the people of the constituency, but with Hon. Agya in the saddle, the difference  will be clear as he knows how to get things done for his people not minding the cost or implications involved.

When a leader is accessible and policies oriented he has an easy flow with the pupolace, as it is the duty of a legislator to sample the views and opinions of his constituents regarding matters of national importance, as it stands today, without mincing words the people of this constituency have none but Hon. Agya who is accessible and ever ready to take the bull by the horn and will change the narratives where an all inclusive representation would be run for feedback and inputs.

It is pathetic and worth knowing that constituency allowance which is made to better the lives of the constituents have not reflected neither has it any impact on the decaying and dilapidated infrastructures in the three LGA’s that constitute the constituency. Haven taken this into cognizance, the people have resolved that Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya is the only candidate that is tested and trusted to deliver come 2019.

Though, the legislature are elected to legislate bills that will impact meaningfully in the lives of the citizenry, but reverse is the case if all it gives is itself and not the people. Agya is willing to give meaningful legislation as discovered by his admirers that he can perform and deliver as promised.

One of the common failings among honourable people is a failure to appreciate how thoroughly dishonourable some other people can be, and how dangerous it is to trust them.

It is fascinating to know that as young and vibrant Agya is, so will his work speak for the people of his constituency.

In our resolve to making greater our constituency, let’s know that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

I end by saying: All who call on God in true faith, earnestly from their hearts, will certainly be heard, and will receive what they have asked and desired.

God bless Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna constituency!
Once again Agayisok4reps2019.

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