PDP was an awesome witch,sacred goddess,conquering lioness,personal space occupier,and something beyond imagination. Even the PRI party of Mexico,the Chinese,North Korean,Cuban,USSR,and Yugoslavia communists parties weren’t domineering like PDP in Southern Kaduna.

The fear of PDP was by indisputably the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.I have never seen nor read a political moving train like PDP. Again,yours truly have never seen nor read a party that dispatched people that dared it to the Golgotha in a democracy like PDP. PDP was by all judgment a terminator!

It’s slogan of “power to the people” is actually “power to some people and their immediate families”. In Southern Kaduna PDP was a world of the real not of the ideal. Ideal thinkers in the area got crushed by its real power mad vegetarians.

Because of feeling of invincibility party leaders across the strata acted like pre Bolsheviks Russian czars. The sagacity and cruelty of Czar Ivan a.k.a Enfant Terrible was a child’s play compared to those of PDP leaders. It wouldn’t be overstretching to affirm that they were vicious thin gods that threatened political office holders,traditional institutions and religious bodies. It was mostly their way or highway.

PDP didn’t only flushed uncountable genuine and progressive political missions to their graves,the destruction was more than that. People that aspired to be traditional rulers and others were barred because they were not fanatical supporters of the party,or were never openly seen canvassing for votes for their party,or refused picking hedonistic bills of party urchins and gluttonous leaders in Southern Kaduna.

PDP leaders tormented hard working artisans,farmers and those government’s social intervention schemes targeted. There existed cases that state officers satanically framed and ousted LG party officers simply because they scrambled for the same lady in their locality. Names of people who applied for programmes and got their applications granted were yanked-off by party leaders because their families contested an ancestral piece of land in the village. Pure evil and sadism reigned!

Truth he told,a third of the party leadership were corrosive and corrupt. And parochial, solipsism,predators ,and “primitive accumulators”. They were morally clumsy,contaminated and bankrupt. They were responsible for the electoral calamities of 2015 and 2019. There was no single unit in the entire zone that the opposition didn’t improved their electoral performance in 2019.

If progressive and purpose driven leaders don’t emerge in their party congresses in 2020, the party will cool its heels in the dustbin of history. I’m not an apostle of doom and negativity,but this is easily forecastable.

Let’s get after the last lap of the goddess called PDP tomorrow.

Until victory,always.


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