By Swansy

What will you do when God shows up and delivers you from self inflicted pains when you least expected?

My name is Kyanchat. I am tall, fair skinned, pencil nose, big and white eyes balls. To complement my facial beauty are two pairs of full lovely lips. In summary, I am a real definition of beauty.

I graduated from Swansylinks Academy. Swansylinks Academy is one of the secondary schools in Kaduna which produces excellent students due to the intensive teaching and discipline received and because of the highly qualified and excellent teachers the school has. In addition, the teachers are hardworking and ensure to give their best for the success of the students.

I graduated with eight (8) ‘As’ and one (1) credit ‘C’ making me the best graduating student in Kaduna State. I sat for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination and my scores were as follows:


This makes a total score of 330, again making me the best student with the highest scores in Kaduna State.

I applied for Medicine in Ahmadu Bello University as my first and second choice, sat for the Post UME (post University Matriculation Examination) and scored 90% of the total scores, and this qualified me for the course I applied to study.

The University has two gates, the main gate and the north gate. In front of the main gate is the logo of the University beautifully and boldly carved, painted in green and cream colour. Beautiful and well-trimmed flowers were planted around it and this brought out the beauty of the main gate. Adjacent the logo is a tall building painted in the same colour as that of the logo at the gate.The architecture indeed did a creative job designing the building. The windows and doors of the building are both in glasses that look like a mirror; at the topmost part of the building was a signboard that reads “Ahmadu Bello University Community Bank.”

I took a bike straight to my department. I saw by my right hand side as we were moving a four storey building surrounded by a tall wall, at the entrance of the hall I saw a signboard that reads “welcome to Queen Amina Hall.” We passed through “Suleiman Hall” whose building has similar architectural design to that of “Queen Amina’s.” We passed the sick bay which is moderately big but not a storey building and then we passed through the roundabout which is popularly known as “Bermuda triangle.’

There are roads that lead to Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Postgraduate school through the roundabout.

After I collected my admission letter, filled all the necessary forms, I was directed to the Student’s affairs office in the Senate Building. I missed my way because there are so many roads scattered round the school. The University has so many storeys buildings and that beautifies the school in addition to the beautifully greenish looking flowers which are planted in strategic locations round the school.

I keep moving following the signboards, first I passed the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Environmental science, Faculty of Art, then I found myself in Faculty of Education. I started yawning, finding it difficult to move my legs and my stomach churned, making agonizing sounds. I then knew that it was time to eat. I saw a tall dark guy smiling at me, his smiles exposed his beautiful dentitions which were looking sparkling white like those from a ‘Close-Up’ advertisement. He came close and his melodic voice was what brought me back to my senses.

He said; “hello beautiful, you look tired and weak.”

I quickly responded with “hi, good afternoon.”

“My name is Emeka, I am a 400 level student of Mechanical Engineering and you?” He asked.

“My name is Kyanchat and I am new here, I just started my registration.” I responded with obvious tiredness in my voice.

“That means you’re a ‘jambito’” he jokingly said and went on to ask which department I am.

“I said medicine!” I answered with frustration in my voice.

I went on to tell him how I had lost my way while trying to locate the Senate Building. He volunteered to lead me there after insisting I get something to eat first. He took me to one of the cafeterias in the social center and bought lunch for us both.

I thanked him and he led me to the Senate building as earlier promised. This was how I met Emeka and how a relationship started between us.

Opps! I forgot to mention that I am from a poor and godly home. I am also a church girl filled with the fear of God but Emeka introduced me to a different lifestyle on campus. We started partying, clubbing and drinking alcohol. One day, on our way back from the Club, we were involved in an accident. Emeka was driving recklessly and carelessly under the influence of alcohol. The accident was so serious that I lost the use of my two legs due to severe injuries on my spinal cord. I was confined to a wheelchair because the doctors could not do anything about it. The only solution was to fly me abroad and my family didn’t have 20 million naira for the surgery.

I could not continue my study and therefore returned home shattered, broken, frustrated and depressed; always feeling guilty for disappointing my parents.

Mercy my friend came to our house on a fateful Wednesday and invited me to ‘Living Stream annual program’ which is tagged “Restoration.” She said I could receive my healing if I have faith and believe. I objected, I said, “God will not heal a sinner like me and that my sins were too much and the reason why God is punishing me.

She said; “God does not operate in this way, He is a merciful God and no sin is too much or big for Him to forgive.”
She also said; “that God’s grace is sufficient on all that believe in Him, that all I need to do is belief in Him and give my life to Christ.”

I followed Mercy to Restoration and the man of God (Bishop McDonald) made an alter call. His voice echoed as he said, “only God can save you, only God can set you free from sin and only Him will renew you.”

I moved to the front in company of my friend Mercy. The Bishop said we should repeat after him; “Jesus I believe that You came and died for my sins that I may be save and I believe that You’re the son of God.” After that I heard the man of God said; “you lady on the wheelchair, receive your healing in Jesus name!”

Immediately! My legs vibrated with flow of currents in them and started moving! I uncontrollably jumped out of the wheelchair shouting “I am healed! I am healed! I am healed!”

The man of God ordered the ushers to bring me to him, he laid his hand on my head and declared that my healing is permanent in Jesus name.

I never knew I’d ever walk again. But the grace of God found me out and gave me what I didn’t deserve. Grace! God’s riches at Christ Expense.



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