It is a universal truth that life is transient, we are here today and gone tomorrow, we don’t know where, when and how our life will end. This is the reason you have to be careful with your choices and courteous in dealing with people.

It’s not about how far but how well you spent your life. Of what importance is long life that does not touch or impact lives? A short but most impactful life is worth more than silver or gold.

The pastor said yesterday, Friday, March, 2021 at my boss, wife and daughter’s burial that Jesus spent just 30 years on earth but he has impacted lives before he left for heaven. This is the reason he is still celebrated today.

I heard and have seen both men and women, the old and the young crying for the early departure of late Dr. Silas G. Adamu. They cried and I believe some are still crying not because they’re too emotional no, but because death has dealt them a super blow by snatching away a man whom has changed their lives for good. I heard a man said “he is the one that took me to the position that I am today”. I also heard another saying “he was the one that gave five of us job”. I also heard others crying and saying “who will we call for help again?” And many others.

The question therefore, is, what will you be remembered for?

I am happy because my boss, late Dr. Silas G. Adamu is remembered for helping others up the ladder. I think, that is a lasting legacy that will live long after he was buried yesterday.

Be deliberate about the choices you make. Make choices that will positively live long after you’re dead.

Rest well sir, late Dr. Silas G. Adamu, your wife and daughter.

May God the comforter, comfort us all and most especially the children you left behind.

Mercy Swanta Musa

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