By: Suleman S. Umaya

At the wake of 2015, the hopefuls had started renewing their ties and mending old bridges. For these folks, it was not about the elections alone, but, maintaining leadership and a fear of the unknown. For those prompted by fear had already gone in search of who can occupy. At that too, it was not about merit, it was rather about who could gather the needed clout to botch the emergence of one who had made many uncomfortable. Indeed, just anyone who could make it difficult for this rise of a non-conformist could do.

It prompted the beer parlour politics, lots were cast, yet as the days drew near, so the panic and dissatisfaction with the choices gathered. The position of the National Youth Coordinator was of such importance that no other office mattered to the planners who were seeing how bleak the chances were of having their ‘boy’ in the coveted position of the youth leader. The names piled up and many were invited, as the campaigns started, the criteria was becoming clearly a matter of personality and content of character. All other persons who could fit to the model of what could sell to the electorate seemed very unlikely to play to the script. Narrowing down to their interest they resolved, that money can make their own man king. The search went towards those who could gather the requisite resources to beat the very candidate for whom all this sleep was lost.

The elections held and the results did not go as anticipated. The end was to be seen at the National Secretariat in Kaduna and like it was, their fears became real, and indeed, Nasiru Jagaba emerged as the National Youth Coordinator, Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) Youth Wing. For those who had been a part of the team that worked toward this end, it was joy and at the other end it was confusion and madness at that very moment. All would have now been the history of it, if the masterminds had not gone further to petition the election and make prayers for his removal. The clumsiness of the charges went over board to bring up the question of Nasiru’s faith, education, etc. Even his virtues were replaced illustratively with vices.

What was it about Nasiru Jagaba? Some never even knew him but were already having some formed opinion that was built around tales. All these have changed now, as the man, the myth and the legend walks amongst us diligently, undertaking the very work to which he is avowed to but not without the distractions.

Recently Comr. (Dr) Nasiru Jagaba has again been in the grapevine on a public trial. First, for his crime to his executive committee members who are now the ones at the receiving end of an uncompromising disposition of his person. The forum that holds against Nasiru is an ever dynamic whirl, taking in and throwing out members on the basis of who is catching in and who is falling out of love with the ‘idea’.

When Nasiru Jagaba was seen in the company of the general purpose committee (GPC) towards the program of the grand political awareness event that happened in Kafanchan on 29th-31st December, 2017 many have kept to heart to await the outcome. Not the program, the conviviality. The reputation of some elements within the committee may be lost to only a few. The “leopard” they say “..never hides his spots.” May be there was a sense of kindness on the part of the youth leader to bring out these individuals to serve with him in midwifing a grand event and to showcase them in a new leaf. It sure couldn’t happen; they had come to know that even he was not so disposed to their idea,’ Money’.

It had stuck in their minds on what the capacity of the Southern Kaduna youth have now become, the level of integrity and high regard with which their reason is gaining passionate audience. Theirs is not grief, but greed. As the general election year is coming nigh, Nasiru seems a stumbling block, a market material that wouldn’t stand for the auction. His refusal to play puppet is treachery and his unavailability in the beer parlours or lounges is renegade. He ‘isn’t down’. The consolations only came when word got out that the entire team was put together by his executive committee members who had brought up the nomination of their best men in a project that meant differently to the members constituted. Many were there for the patriotism. Events prior to now have indicated that the National Youth Wing of SOKAPU enjoyed envy from a few, admiration of so many, popularity amongst the middle belt, a fear factor to oppressors of the Southern Kaduna people and an indicator of a growing sense of confidence and support for the rise of Southern Kaduna. There is also the fear that these actors are still not all to be seen of the ones who are obsessed by putting out this light. The insular disposition of SOKAPU at large is a facade. What have always been unwell with SOKAPU is Nasiru Jagaba and his ilk, for others, he has become an inspirational force to the whole struggle.

Until Nasiru Jagaba took over the mantle, many could not tell what the struggle had been about other than the brunt that darkened the vision. Until now, the youth had become elitist for use at acquisition and not as partners. ‘The boys’ have finally worked it to sit on the roundtable where issues can be discussed. Even issues as, “how to extinguish Nasiru Jagaba from the leadership of Southern Kaduna” and to lay waste the vision that has been. It has been a long night for Nasiru Jagaba as the Youth Leader of the Southern Kaduna people, how far can he go in guiding this vision? How long have Nasiru suffered under this force within? In silence! Why isn’t he even talking about it? These questions are for you and me to ponder upon.

Suleman S. Umaya is a youth leader from Lere, Kaduna State.

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  1. Well written and great rhetoric. It is an editorial piece. As you continue to sharpen your skills, you can end up a writer and perhaps an accomplished writer. So to say.

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