4th January, 2018

Fellow Middle Belters, Nigeria is fully back to the state of nature.

The unabated killing of our people in their communities is a war declared on us and President Mohammadu Buhari is sleeping on duty. We should not make mistake thinking that Nigerian government will stop this situation. Every part of the country is defending its territory now. The Fulani terrorists will leave no part of the Middle Belt region untouched then they finally face the Southern part of the country with war. Despite the calls on Federal Government by Middle Belt people to stop this genocide, Nigerian government has deliberately allowed Fulani terrorists to kill our people on daily basis and there’s no end of it in sight. We now call on Middle Belt people to rise up to this occasion while being law abiding, to defend themselves with any means available when the situation arises. Our goodness should not be taken for granted. We do not have trust in Nigerian government to protect us anymore. The ugly tactics of Nigerian government in Numan, Plateau, Benue, Southern Kaduna of recent are proofs that our government is not doing its best to protect us. Nigerian government has launched special military Operations and cracked down on civilian people in different parts of this country but the Fulani terrorists are treated with kid gloves even when they fired at Nigerian Air force jet in Numan, Adamawa state. It’s evident that very soon they will defy Nigerian government authorities openly.

It’s very unfortunate that our leaders who have served this country in the highest capacities have not said or done anything about these killings. The so-called Northern Elders Forum led by Paul Unongo, who defected from the Middle Belt, has become a toothless bulldog that cannot do anything about these killings in his own state, Benue. General Yakubu Gowon who recently opposed restructuring Nigeria, has never said or done anything against the killings of his fellow Middle Belters. Where are our retired officers who made names in defense of this country? Can’t you see war on us?

We also call on the political leaders in the Middle Belt to rise up to this occasion. Most of you have been blindfolded with party politics and allow your people to be slaughtered everyday. It makes no sense to even serve in Buhari’s Cabinet but the same government presides over the killing of your people. It makes no sense to be in opposition and keep quite or do nothing over the killing of your people.

We express our condolences to our people in Benue state over the recent genocide that claimed more than 50 people in which a whole community was sacked by the Fulani terrorists. We do not only condemn it but also call on our people to defend themselves with any means available to them. We strongly back the State Governor, His Excellency, Samuel Ortom to decisively deal with any Fulani terrorist that violates the Anti-Open Grazing Law in the state. The take over plans by the Fulanis should not be allowed in any part of the Middle Belt. We also extend our condolences to our people in Numan, Southern Kaduna and Plateau state over the recent genocide that claimed many lives and property.

We call on the friends of Middle Belt and the international community to call on Nigerian government to immediately stop the Fulani militia from killing our people. We do not wrong anybody but why the killings? If they are not called to order, definitely it will lead to lawlessness.

Lastly, it is our sincere hope that Nigerian government will take proactive measures now to put an end this dastardly acts. We do not want a situation where our military will be facing fighting internal problems every now and then because it will definitely polarise them. We also hope that our military will play their professional roles independently to protect our people.

God bless the Middle Belt people

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One thought on “This is a war declared on our communities- Middlebelt Youth Council”
  1. Please, leave the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY out of our local problem, let us face it ourselves God helping us. They are being sponsored by most of the nations that backed terrorism. The destiny of every nation lies in their own ✋. Thank you.

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