It is the test of time for progressive democrats in Nigeria. A test of how much more deepened our democratic culture can go. Desperate time demanding desperate measures it may seem to onlookers of governance and administration of justice in Kaduna State. In a time as this when the Federal Government is scoring high on the show of respect for the rights of the Nigerian, even acknowledging the protests that have recorded success in about four major cities in the country and managing same with security operatives at their best in ensuring that all ended well; this however a far from comparison to the case of Kaduna State under the leadership of Mal. Nasir El-Rufai. It is no more news that there is the fast rise of cases targeted at choice individuals who dare to keep the searchlight’s beam on the affairs of governance in Kaduna State. Luka Binniyat is the latest person of interest of the Government of Kaduna State as far as it goes, he was long on this waiting list to the a fault that a published story by a media house is one big bait for the cerebral public servant not to pass, in that, the reporter has become more desirable in culpability than the media outfit-his employer.

Luka Binniyat, became famous after his report of the 4th town hall meeting in Kaduna Central where the Executive Governor of Kaduna State made the record high perfunctory assertion that if you are not happy with appointments made, you can go and climb Kufena mountain, fall and die. In the same news report the governor was said to have adduced that it was what you voted for that you got.. It became the joke everyone went to town with. But for people who thought so much of the man, that became an eye opening remark that has come a long way in redefining the man who once wrote about himself as the ‘accidental public servant’. For those who have refused to die from the fall, there are other means in mind for the clever and skillful governor to bring them nearer to it and for some time now a lot have been on a near miss to the intended precipice. Clearly there is no more façade in who Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is. The totalitarian tendencies of the Government as the people have allowed so far is far reaching into the affairs of the party and every sphere of leadership that falls within the political estate the governor occupies as a tenant or landlord. If you are given to the notion that the narratives that go with such cases is anything to swallow, do so with more disposition to deepen your insight as to the novel style of governance the current administration in Kaduna State is driven by. It gives rise to concern for lives every now and then for people who are afraid that politics will never again be the same in Kaduna State as the enemies are fast becoming permanent.

The likes of Luka Binniyat are on trial for shouting at the mountain tops the very words from those who are afraid to climb to the required heights and possibly fall until they are heard. The news report about the purported killings of two students of College of Education was news from sources and not even the opinion of the reporter and such stories are only attracting such desperateness when said by ones as this. It is indeed regrettable that people in Kaduna State hear from press statements that the people killing Nigerians in Southern Kaduna are doing so as avengers. You hear every now and then, the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) adducing that 360,000-all Fulani-people being killed in the massacre going on in Southern Kaduna; the killers are foreigners on an avenging mission. This is also backed by the pictures of their slain victims they claim as their kinsmen in to humanitarian agencies across the globe. However, these fraudulent speech makers do not suffice as the tale-tellers, hate speech makers. Yes they don’t because they are obviously the sources of information on most of what the Government of Kaduna State has had to say throughout the ordeal of Nigerians in Southern Kaduna. It is also true that contrary to the efforts of aides in denial of the payment of compensation to these avengers, the Governor have cleared the air every now and then that they had begun payments. To make up for the inadequacy of the State in employing the hire-services of federal Security organizations to dealing with the challenges, the governor is quick at talking toughest only at people who he finds in his own eyes culpable for hate speeches, misinformation and so far there seems to be a good stock to pick from especially from political opponents like Dr. John Danfulani, Southern Kaduna leaders and recently the Islamic Movement of Nigeria and more blacklisted journalist awaiting the vengeful anger from the Emperor in Kaduna State. Clearly for those who are mindful there is the desperateness in ensuring that the government is feared than revered in Kaduna State. At that, only those who have desired a sense of responsibility from a government who should care for lives and properties of citizens, demanding accountable, equitable governance have been seen to have asked for too much. Should that not suffice people in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area are still under a tight curfew even after three weeks of the security breach in the area by clearly unknown attackers who had visited the community with terror and firepower. Could this be a security measure or punishment?

One Dr. Haruna Usman who publicly took responsibility for the Godogodo massacres walks with hand waves. Not to mention Alh. Haruna Ibrahim who have been enjoying a vacation not in far away Mali, but Ganawuri in Plateau after coordinating the successful attacks in Chawai Chiefdom that claimed 53 lives, about 200 residential properties with belongings, and two places of worship.  It will be delightful to find oneself in those climes where all are equal before the law and where enforcers of such law too, do not become available only for those who pride themselves of being deserving of their use just because they occupy the offices dealing with appropriations for the administration of security to send and use them as they deem fit. Surely this craving cannot be for a fool’s paradise. It is fast becoming surreal to ever think of an unbiased El-Rufai in matters of governance, security and justice in Kaduna State.


By Comrade Nasiru Jagaba

National Youth Leader

Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU)

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