By Andrew Augustine Umaru

The 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria in chapter 4 Section 40 (as amended) provides that and I quote:
“Every person shall be entitled to assemble freely and associate with other persons, and in particular he may form or belong to any political party, trade union or any other association for the protection of his interest”
And my disceptation about the Dr. John Danfulani visit to the government tagged villain Nnamdi Kanu is this: does he as a citizen of Nigeria hold the right to such a visit or not?
Nnamdi Kanu a British-Nigerian political activist and the leader of the Biafran Separatist organization, the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) and the director of London-based radio Biafra was arrested on October 14, 2015 on treason charges for putting up the IPOB Secession crusade. He was detained in Nigerian jail without trial for over one year-and-a half despite umpteen of court orders that rule for his release. That way he was made infamous by a government who brush off the rule of law. Therefore, devising millions of followers and sympathizers across the world for the mere man and that enamor the attention of other activists who believe in freedom and justice as well as human rights like Dr. John Danfulani who suffered series of human right violation orchestrated by the battery size midget infamous emperor of the men of the underworld Nasir Elrufai in Kaduna.
Dr. John Danfulani went on a solidarity visit to a man abused and molested by the government for seeking secession and emancipation for his people who practically with respect to the figures (Based on appointments made by the government of Mohammadu Buhari) have been second class citizens in a federal space which belongs to all of us and placed only second to hatred and misgovernment orchestrated by the government of today. And I ask why this agitation was not this vehement during the Jonathan reign? Is this not a question that an average northerner should ask?
In the backdrop of this marginalization and human right violation made manifest by the arrest and jailing of Mazi Kanu (a mere citizen) for seeking secession and disregards for court and ECOWAS rule for his release injustice was established well enough to put Nnamdi Kanu on the same line as a freedom fighter with Dr. John Danfulani. And in the brave days of Ernesto Chi Guevara (One of Danfulani’s Role model) he said and I quote:
“If you tremble with indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine”
Judging by this quote Nnamdi Kanu became a comrade of Dr. John Danfulani from the day he trembled at the injustice and acute marginalization meted on his people by this government so the visit to a man who share the same ideals as his became a marriage that no man born of a woman can separate. Besides been two activists who share similar ideals the constitution accord to the doctor to visit and form alliance with any citizen of this nation. So I ask what the fuss about this visit is. It beats me so much that the lost souls working to propel the ill policies and misgovernment of the government of today lost lines of their boundaries and are insistent on telling us how to behave, what to do and what not to do.
Nelson Madiba Mandela: was once quizzed on his unending praises of Muamar Minyar Gaddafi, Yasser Abdel Raouf Arafat and Fidel Alejandro Castro when on a visit to speak in Miami United State of America in 1990 and these were his words
“These men opposed apartheid and represent the aspirations of the third world nationalists that the United State of America undermined across the globe during the cold war.”
(N. Mandela, 1990)

And this is same as Nnamdi Kanu who represent the aspiration of the oppressed, marginalized and the abused as well as the violated in the east which the north undermined. And I ask how many men from the north have voice out the appointments dominated by the northerners as against the east and the south east? How many men from the north have trembled at the fact that about all the security chiefs in the nation today are from the north and the Igbos marginalized in that aspect?
“One of the mistakes of political analyst make is to think that their enemies should be our enemies, that we cannot and we will never do.” (N. Mandela, 1990)
Now this becomes imperative to tell the north that their perception of Igbos as their enemies will not be adopted by Dr. John Danfulani as well as we the middle-belters and we have the right to decide which way to go when we are faced with the challenge of making such a decision and “our attitudes towards any ethnic group or region is determined by the attitude of that ethnic group or region to our struggle in Southern Kaduna
“They did not support it only in rhetoric they are placing resources at our disposal for us to win” the fight. (N. Mandela, 1990)
The Igbos stood by the peace loving people of Southern Kaduna when Elrufai slammed a 24 hours curfew in the region. They were there with their shops to give us access to food and when the attackers killed our families a lot of Igbos and some of their pastors gave us relief materials. Where were the northern elites, where were the gullible calling for the head of Dr. John Danfulani? And this leave me with no resolve than to say: it is little wonder that in the complexity and dynamism of the thinking, actions and submission of some few, hate and opportunism are the forces behind the gullible like Istifanus Manasseh and his lost likes that refuse to accept and respect the rights of Dr. John Danfulani and change narratives that the doctor went over to form allies so that Southern Kaduna will break away with Biafra. I respect the Igbos and respect their struggle and respect their Cartography in designing the commercial map of Nigeria today and so does my compatriot Dr. John Danfulani

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