US-based Nigerian Woman Joins 2019 Presidential Race

A woman who based in the United, Princess Oyenike Oyedele Roberts, has declared her intention to run for presidency on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 presidential election.

She said that while addressing her supporters in New York, she also dissociated herself from corruption, vowing never to accept any donation from corrupt Nigerians to fund her campaign.

Princess Oyenike also said her aspiration was built on five-cardinal plans: Uninterrupted power supply, quality healthcare for all, creation of one million jobs annually, quality affordable education and security of lives and property.

Her campaign slogan is ‘Hope 2019’. She is the Vice Chair of Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee and the President, Association of African Media Practitioners in the U.S.

She blamed the problems of Nigeria on faulty structure, saying the Nigerian president in the next political dispensation must have the will to restructure the country to realise its potential.

She begged Nigerians to trust her despite the allegation of corruption levelled against the PDP when it was in power. She also Nigerians should trust her integrity as she has never been accused of corruption since she hasn’t held any political position before in the past.

Princess Oyenike said PDP is poised for a major shift ahead of 2019, claiming it was the party to beat and a viable platform because it had national appeal and spread.

“Our political system is driven by money and that’s why we have the kind of leadership. The system should be driven by meritocracy – what you know to do, how to do it and the will to do it.

“That is what should drive people; it’s not how much money you have or how much money you can invest in a person that you can control at the end of the day.

“That’s what gave rise to the God-fatherism notion that it is who you know that gets you to the top. That system has continued for so long.

“But I’m seeing a new breed of leaders coming; a change that’s going to cause a shift in how we do politics in Nigeria. We don’t allow meritocracy to rule; we allow money to rule,” she said.

She encourages the fight the against corruption so as to secure notable convictions with commensurate consequences through the executive, legislative and Judicial commitments.

Princess Oyenike is an Osun-born in her 50s, she said at the centre of her heart is the security of lives and property, her words: “We must secure the borders to prevent illegal infiltration and activities”.

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