I knew Dr. Silas Adamu (Tsuu) only but for few months and though this was a short time but he impacted my life immensely.

He was brilliant, intelligence, smart and calculative in his approach to issues. He was a man of few words…you could not miss the wisdom in his words.

We were elected as Atyap Community Development Association (ACDA), National Executive Council leaders last December, 2020. Since then my boss was up and doing especially in the area of finding lasting peace in Atyap Chiefdom.

ACDA National EXCO will agree with me that late Dr. Silas Adamu was peaceful, accommodating, compassionate, humble, welcoming, kind, merciful, selfless and above all passionate to serve the Atyap nation with all that he had.

I must confess that since I have been working with bosses, I had never worked with a boss that accords me respect, and allowed me to work without interference like him, I mean that sense of freedom and belonging, because of that I was always ready to go the extra miles when he called I’d rather cancel my day’s engagements and heed to his emergency call.

My boss was a mobile man because he was always on the move to getting things done even when they took him extra hours to accomplish them. I can remember the day I travelled to Abuja and immediately I landed in his office we started movement because we had appointments with some of our illustrious sons/daughters in Abuja and been the prompt man that he was, he wouldn’t afford for us to get to the venue late.

I remember those beautiful memories we shared together as NEC, he didn’t discriminate hence we sat on the same table and dined together and the bills were on him. He joyfully did that severally without complain.

You used to tell me that things will be fine with time and now death didn’t allow you to get to the finish lines.

I am grateful for how fate caused our paths to cross. I have learned a lot from you, your humility, selflessness, love, passion, kindness, philanthropy and above all focus on the goal by ignoring traducers.

Oh! Death, where is thy sting?
Why do you take him when we needed him most?

Adieu sir, your wife and daughter, until we meet again, on Jesus’ feet where there will be neither pains nor sorrow.

Mercy Swanta Musa

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