Trends of Yola, Adamawa State Part 1:- Dr. David Charima

The town has been around for a while now and its glory days are far from over.

Politically, it has endured the murky waters of oppression, suppression and sectional divisions along religious lines yet there is tolerance and understanding that is lacking in other parts of Northern Nigeria. Even governance here is melodramatic sometimes.

It’s indeed a very sunny State but how the people endure the piercing and scorching sun rays depicts how resolute they are about equal coexistence and the need to preserve their hard earned properties or maybe value for human life. Probably, the Church prays aright.

Whenever I visit (for a long or short duration), I’m apt to consciously take note of so much:
Culture for now is reserved for occasions and events where dancers are adorn in local attires and they sadly use modern instruments that replaces the beautiful relics and artifacts of their history

Currently, tradition is more observed during the fulfillment of marital rites and chieftaincy coronation mostly, because they are thoroughly influenced by the prominent faiths and intermarriages

My concern is the massive salient shift flooding most youths. They are gullible to uncertain and unhealthy social cultures (drugs, prostitution and mild thuggery). They are personally mostly unambitious and highly withdrawn to global trends.

All passions and purposes end on discussion tables save for the Michika boys who engage themselves in petty trading. I get, to every general rule there is an exception.

Well, this only one part of the story…

I Pray for Adamawa Youths Today

Something is about to happen!


Dr. David Charima is NEWLEAD award Winning Youth Leader and Resource Speaker⁠⁠⁠⁠.

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