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Sun Tzu outlines four personalities that are unavoidable, either in leadership, politics, civil society organizations, industries, Churches mosques, families, etc. Every human being belong to one of this classes of personalities:
the intelligent, the brave, the greedy, and the foolish.

For the ‘intelligent’ man, he delights in establishing his merit; the ‘brave’ man likes to show his courage in action.
The ‘greedy man’, is quick at seizing advantages for himself; and the ‘foolish’ man is a tool for the ‘greedy’.

The foolish man has no dream or vision or direction of his own. He is like a Foucault Pendulum, swinging in any direction. You can use him against your enemies and your enemies can also use him against you. King Solomon warned in proverbs 13: 20 “he that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fool shall be distroyed”.
As a leader you need the knowledge of these four personalities and their offices, learn how to manage them by placing each on his rightful place. You will get it wrong when you make the mistake of placing the greedy in the place of the intelligent or the foolish in the office of the brave.

This article tends to concentrate more on the greedy and the foolish, a tool for the greedy whose excessive selfishness, which is the result of ignorance, lack of wisdom, lack of kindness and love is posing a grave danger to the society and the future of Mankind.

Fear, insecurity, anxiety, tendency to betray or harm others, overconfidence, arrogance are the results of greed.

The Foolish is a gallant army of the greedy. He is fast gaining ground in the Nigeria socio, economy and political society, they occupy higher positions in banks industries and government as agents.

Mr Greed resides around power. His gluttonous nature makes him always the head, be it in government, or industries or even in Churches and Mosques. He has control over all the enlisted personalities above.

To satisfy his greed, he follows the path of unfair means, betrayal and crime, this makes other’s lives miserable. And even after doing so much, the greed of wealth, power, lust, belongings never ends, but brings fear of losing what you have now, insecurity in your life.

Devil is the father of all greed, it was his ambition and greed for power that drove him and his agents, out of the presence of God in heaven thus corrupting the whole universe.

Having sufficient power, strength, force, skill, means, or resources of any kind they can do anything to secure their accummulation.

Chasing every financial opportunity—and, it cannot be overemphasized, to the detriment of virtually everything else in their life—has become their be-all and end-all.

They are the problem of every human community. They can create deadly disease to make gain out of it. They can incite violence to make bigger and bigger “killings” to get the ego gratification they require in order to feel good about themselves.

They can spill blood to quench the appetite of greed. They can be evil wolves, decorated in sheep’s cloth as pastors or as imams, thereby twisting religion for their advantage.

On an ethical level, the worst thing about their pursuits is that their mercenary, ego-driven achievements frequently do considerable damage to others and their prospects.
And most often their successes contribute little or nothing to society. Rather, their undertakings are cunningly contrived to transfer money out of the pockets of others and into their own. Exceedingly competitive and aggressive, they’ll take ruthless advantage of every opportunity to turn a profit—and not shy away from turning against others in the process.

Greedy people do not realize the universe is abundant and when we align ourselves in a proper value system and treat others fairly abundance will flow naturally..

So in summary, to get what you want, help others get what they want. Not only does this elevate us as individuals, it fosters brotherliness and a true sense of community where one cares for the other. If we are brothers in hearts then we’ll fight arm in arm against the few greedy that set us against each other for their selfish gains.

Greed stinks! Greed is putrid. Greed is damning. Greed is greedy. Perhaps you wreck of it. Just check from within and without to know how close you are to greed.

As a leader, do you have the courage to face greed from within?

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