(A Satire of Sorrows)

The kingdom of EPATURO has one leg in the Sahel and another in the Sahara. It’s a place where every department of life is inside-out and upside-down.

The unnatural order of life there is:
Sacrifice is a vice
Courage is transgression
Compassion is betrayal
Cowardice is a virtue
Selflessness is naivety
Self-centeredness is wisdom
Counselling is aberration
Laying booby trap is a popular sport

In EPATURO,you dare not try anything in life. Yes you dare not. If you try,you will regret.

When you sing to complement the fast disappearing sweet melodies of birds,you are overtly and covertly mocked for not singing like Rod Stewart or Lady Dolly Parton.

When you express yourself through writing,they gossip that you can’t write like great storytellers like Prof.Chinua Achebe and Chimamanda Adechie.

When you dance to entertain and wash away their sorrows,they yap by saying you can’t dance like Shakira or the late king of POP Wacko Jako

When you jog for fitness, they say you can’t dash like Hussein Bolt or Canadian Ben Johnson.

When you try to live a holy and righteous life, they label you a contemporary biblical Pharisee and Sadducee.

EPATURO is one of its kind place. The citizens are experts in playing the game of harakiri. Language archeologists and historians opined; the word nihilism was specially coined to describe their mentality. That,the lethal game of harakiri that was popularized in ancient Japan was originally meant for the great confusionists of EPATURO

EPATURO is hell on earth. It’s a jungle of absurdities and dry comedies.Living and carrying out reasonable activities for their good is time wasting and unrewarding.

May the goddess of attitudinal change,visit the fast sinking people and kingdom of EPATURO.


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