The gods Must Be Crazy


George Makeri

Sometimes I wonder whether I will one day wake up from a long sleep and realize that this whole thing was one long hell of a nightmare. Sadly, with every passing day, it gets clearer that this is realer than I will want to realize.

I want some one to tell me it’s true that five men were sentenced to death by hanging in Adamawa for killing just one Fulani man. This is because I am yet to accept it’s reality. I mean I can not rationalise the morality behind this sentence in a country where thousands of natives have been slaughtered with not a single arrest of a Fulani herdsman even though fulanis have repeatedly and publicly claimed responsibility for the massacres.

You see I woke up this morning to hear that the Nigerian airforce is bombing some villages in Benue from Gbise, Zaki Biam and the road that leads to Wukari in Taraba state for attacking the Major General Malu. This is following the earlier burning down completely of a village in the same Benue by soldiers for killing a soldier man. This same Air Force was reported to have bombed some Christian communities in Adamawa state where five persons, including one young girl, Alheri, were sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Waziri. This same Adamawa saw a serving army officer, a brigade commander, being turbaned by the Fulani royal fathers there, yet Buratai dismissal threats on partisan officers didn’t reach this officer.

Gentlemen, is it the Nigerian Armed Forces who couldn’t protect Benue citizens from herdsmen wearing military uniform who are now joining the Fulanis to unleash terror on the same Benue people? Please I want to know. Isn’t Retired General T. Y. Danjuma vindicated afterall? Emerging facts has it that, the military are not only colluding with herdsmen now, but actively participating in attacking Benue communities just like the Fulanis. Are we surprised? The army self-serving report on investigation into Danjuma’s allegations bogusly claimed the army is being professional. To buttress Danjuma’s allegations on military collusion with herdsmen, Brigadier General John Agim went on air to claim that those killing people are politicians’s thugs. He claimed that Fulani herdsmen are victims of political propaganda. Who then is forcing the fulanis to take responsibility for the massacres? Two priests were shot in Benue during morning mass – to this day, nobody had been arrested, not to mention taken to court. Yet five persons, I mean five persons, are sentenced to death for killing of just a Fulani murderer. Could this really be true or some one is simply trying to provoke sentiments with the claim that five persons are sentenced to death by hanging.

You see this is not only repulsive, barbaric and reprehensible, but satanic as well. If five persons will be sentenced to death in a country where Boko Haram prisoners are granted amnesty and treated with respect and much welfare. A country that celebrates a Boko Haram member for impregnating an unwilling Chibok girl in captivity. A country that abandons a Dapchi Christian girl and frees Muslim girls. A country where everybody, but the fulanis, is trying to absolve the fulanis of evidential massacres across the country. From unknown gunmen to armed bandits to Libyan fighters to Fulani herdsmen to now politicians’ thugs.

What sort of god permits the massacres of non-believers thus? And if this is how the gods want Nigeria run, then the gods must indeed be crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy crazy, crazy…

George Makeri has spoken.

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