Surely a good name is better than riches and one good turn deserves another so it is with he who build the youth built a nation, this is justifiable on the relentless calls on Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya by both the young and the aged in his constituency (Gashaka, Kurmi and Sardauna).

Some few weeks ago have reported on solidarity calls placed on the honourable to contest and represent his constituency come 2019 in the House of Representatives, which prompted the quest to make enquiries on why the relentless call by the people of the constituent.

An interaction with selected individuals from both zones that constitute the constituency revealed why they want him to represent them come 2019 knowing fully well that the present occupant may seek re-election.

Mallam Tukura Bello from Gashaka who revealed that it is of utmost importance to call on a servant who have served with laudable projects to show as dividends of democracy than re-electing one whose priorities is self-serving but another source who pleaded anonymous revealed that the present member representing the constituency Hon. DC Hosea has done well beyond expectation and deserves the renewal of his people’s mandate.

A close confidant of DC Hosea who relates to our source said though the call on Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya to contest as clamoured by individuals and groups may post as an impedance to the re-election bid of Hon. DC Hosea owing to the fact that Hon. Agya is a political big wig that must not be taken for granted.

He said “The call for Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya by individuals and groups in his constituent to represent them come 2019 should not be taken for granted should he finally harken to the people’s call to contest hence DC should as a matter of urgency do the needful”.

A resident of Kurmi LGA who measures the stewardship of the present occupant of the House of representatives seat, Hon. DC Hosea, said he has not met the yearning and aspirations of his constituent and thus he is with the opinion for a change but when he was stressed further as in who does he think the people would want to serve as a replacement of the incumbent member representing them? a question he didn’t answer.

“We trusted DC with our mandate, stood for him with our strength and might but our desires and yearning is dashed, therefore we need a change” the source said.

On the contrary others are with the opinion that DC has represented the constituency well and has given the people an account of their stewardship hence should be re-elected.

“We trusted DC and elected him and he has fulfilled all his campaign promises and it’s now left for the constituents to look inward by re -electing him for a second term”

Another source who hinted said that, should Hon. Stephen Ibrahim Agya throw his weight to contest as clamoured then the contest will be indeed tight on who secures the party ticket.

He said ” I know the capacity Hon. Ayga carries likewise DC but the coming of this political friends to contest as member is what has further throw me into a state of dilemma”

The choice of who flag the party ticket and eventually get elected to represent the constituency is a choice the people of the constituency must make wisely.

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