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Shall we live or die trusting in a government that is sure not going to salvage us from the chains of destruction? Sure, every human fellow that shall allow himself a victim where his/her strength is worth useful shall stand in judgement to answer for this sacred life he/she refused to protect. Hence, the call for self defense in an era where the hope turns the prime hurt. It is crystal clear terrorism has now found a place in the heart of each and every Nigerian with total disregard to age or experience. The sound of guns today rather than being an unfamiliar thing causes and argument between children of nursery school age. Listen to these kids watching movies today, the argument will be whether or not the sounds of guns used there in the movies reflects the true sound of a gum or not. It is equally very easy for these kids to distinguish a Nigerian Police gun shoot from the terrorists’. This kids rather than getting themselves attracted by the many technological advancements, the exercise of talents by their age mates in the western world, the awesomeness of the cartoons on the screen or the beautiful primary colours their schools are painted with, the are much more attracted by the chains of bullet on the shoulders of the terrorist.

What would the government do? It appears one dare not ask the government a question about this because sincerely they wouldn’t have no answer to it. They would rather want to blame those who share out this picture on the social media and all over where even these kids cannot help but see. A gory picture now is not gory in Nigeria, if it is, then the term gory should be better redefine to mean path to glory. This is because that is the only medium the victims are allowed to tell their tales in a way the world would understand.

Terrorism in Nigeria today has no promise of an end, in fact, it is more and more promoted on a daily bases. The government have as a matter of fact turned it into a sort of business that pays fast and a political tradition that paves way for the will of the powerful. Religion is but its tool of employing the machines (militants) who accomplishes this task ordered them by their masters. The last resort have been turned into the only means terrorism is ineffectively solved.

The language of our government seem to say, ‘whatever you seek, only by becoming terrorist shall you get’. This is visible in the way we have handled terrorist and their activities. Or, is it any news that government finds pleasure in paying the terrorist than bringing them to justice? How was the Niger Delta Militancy addressed? How is the Boko Haram issue truly being addressed? How did El’rufai of Kaduna State claimed he attempted a lasting solution to the security challenge in Kaduna State? And which of these worked?

In the country where I find myself, Nigeria I mean, there are terrorist who terrorize a good people and there is a government that is forcing the people into turning terroristic. The government do this by prizing ‘mercy’ over and above justice. Let it be clear that mercy is good but it is only for the repentant sinner while justice is necessary for true peace. This is a fact my government were not thought in school and do not have enough intellect to reason it out possibly because they are preoccupied with too much which would suggest they are incapacitated or not equal to the task since it is the primary work of a government we are dealing with here.

Let me educate the government a bit, you fuel terrorism by being merciful to a terrorist you have arrested and not the one who have surrendered truly, but more is the fact that you become part of the terrorist activities, or better still, you become a co terrorist when you grant mercy to a terrorist you cannot tell your subject you know or have met with. It is called ‘administrative conspiracy’. It entails an abuse of power, cluelessness, and any evil you can associate with leadership.

It will be an insult to the divine, and a lie to the world if we say the government today lacks what it takes to deal with this issues. In Kaduna state, it is more easy to arrest those who commit crimes against Fulani like stealing their cows and or kidnapping their women than arresting the Fulani man who is guilty of genocidal activities. In my state particularly, he is followed and appeased, whether in assurance of his safety in the next attack or what, that I do not know.

The problem with Nigerians is that we swallow what government tell us without asking the ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘when’ questions. Government for instance will promise and end to security threads and no one is taking how, or when. Government announces she spends great some on security, no one have seen the army improved, no one have seen victims relieved of the pains of the losses, everyone hears attacks daily but no one ask the How, and When Question. Do you know how veg the statement “we are spending too much on security” means? Do you know it could mean actually sponsoring the insecurity? Do you know it could actually mean “we are looting your treasury through security issues?
Until we learn to ask, we are doom to walk in darkness.

The Nigeria we may end up with if care is not taken is one no one would love to live in. Sadly we seem ignorant of this. What would you have when the soon to be youth are not just so familiar but also admire thuggery, the power of the gun, and the flow of blood. What do you hope to live with but a country where it is a collection of heart broken by the pains of the gruesome murder of love ones with no justice, no help, no care, no concern from those you hope for? What do you hope to get than a case of an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth where the same army with world recognition appear incapacitated and with no clue. What do you hope for in a country where you are threatened by terrorists and a word from you causes your arrest by government.

What I see God forbid if we forbid, is a Nigeria with high terrorism in the near future, where if not and unless with God’s help the gun will be but a toy. A country where blood flowing is the pleasure and fun of many. This is because today the case is that when your love one is killed you are either left to forgive and wait for when your own dead by the same terrorist will come, or get justice by going after the terrorist not forgetting the fact that killing him (the terrorist) entails his brother and children coming back tomorrow for yourself and or your children and the government will say ‘reprisal’.

The only hope for Nigeria is the international community, this is because we have been aglue to our affiliations that a wrong automatically is justified provided it is my tribe’s man, religious brother,and what have you. The Nigerian government today can never be trusted with the lives of Nigerians as it appears clearly a sort of what I call a ‘religiopolitical Crusade’ a term I coined to me a sort of political system guided by selfishness and inhuman acts achieved through a religious blindfold. This means, even those fighting, The Book Haram, and Fulani terrorist do not really know the true goal for which they fight as the are deceived into believing it is a religious agenda.

But how would the International community play this role without knowing the true root of the problem? It is with regards to answering this question that I employ the International community to as a matter of urgency, independently investigate this matter starting as far back as post colonial era. This I so deem fit as there is too much in these issues than perceived. In this investigation, one fact to note is that no Nigerian leader, especially from the note is to be trusted in this matter.

To Nigerians, I start with the church. What is killing the church today is neutrality, we have been great fundamentalist with the issue of security, we have trusted due democratic process even where it is not obtainable. I do not call for an abuse of the faith because we are facing trials, what I call for is that the church in following the fundamentals should also consider the issue of context. In applying these fundamentals, she should know a minute’s delay causes many lives. The theology of ‘when you are slapped on the one chick you should turn the other’ should be properly defined as in the time and context it was preached. Hello! The simple message in that teaching is that when I am slapped as a christian, I should not slap back but say ‘enough’ and saying enough means a lot of things depending on the language the person slapping me understands. Remember too, there are times it will be better for one man to die than for a nation to.

To Nigerians, especially southern Kaduna and all areas that this evil have visited, be calm, but vigilant, for your enemy is prowling round like a roaring loon, looking for someone to devour. Stand up to him, strong in faith. (Flowing from 1st Peter 5:8-9). We must resist through whatever means possible, the attacks on our lives and properties, especially since we know government will not do for us the needful, especially while we await the promise made by the Federal Government on arresting the security issue which is still a propaganda, especially as we await the ‘positive’ fruits of the Governor’s journey to Niger, Senegal, Chat and others to compensate those who are killing us that he feels we should not know and are above justice. Especially as we await helpful hands from the world.

To all human right activist, NGO’s and all who knows the value of human life, the ICC should be made busy because there are a lot of questions that desires answers. We should know the details of the Governor’s journey to these countries as alleged. We should know who says he needs compensation and who says he have forgiven, we should know for what they need compensation and what they are forgiven, we should know names and not ‘some’, or ‘others’. We should know the legitimacy of the Fulani’s match into Nigeria.

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