Let’s gather here and discuss.
Yesterday these pictures trend and still trending on the social media that a Kannywood actor is married to a woman who is older than him. Thesame thing occured few months ago where a Kano young man got married to his American wife who is also older than him. This is very rare in the north.

I didn’t forget the late Governor of Taraba State, Dan Baba Suntai whose wife also got married to a younger man after the demised of her husband still in the north.

Now my question, why is this happening now in the north where the reverse was the case, I mean where older men are the ones getting married to much younger girls?

Is it education or exposure to western lifestyle that is responsible to the present trend of younger men getting married to older women in the north?

Your contribution or answer to the above questions is needed.

By swansy

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2 thought on “Swansy’s Corner: Let’s gather here and discuss marriage”
  1. I feel westernization is playing a vital role in the north because most northern men now go to school and most because men want to live the life of their dreams, you can’t achieve that without someone you love and you guys sync. Life is all about being happy if you find someone that you feel you are compatible why not, moreover, age is just a number.

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