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New year are always moments of great joy, reflection, renaissance and moments were resolutions are made; cheerfully we woke up with the ever reverberating sound of our national anthem, signalling a nationwide broadcast. Reassuring as his words were, it seems that those who baked that piece of speech for Mr. President have lost touch with the reality at hand, they were still basking in the euphoria of the yuletide and as such they baked that speech with so many watery promises, flavoured with blames, sugar-coated with futuristic tendencies, which was unsavoury to many Nigerians.

The year 2018 ushers us into the third year of the president Buhari’s led administration, which has been catastrophic, ruinous, and disquietude, Nigerians have been hard pressed on every side, persecuted, perplexed, but yet still waxing strong, thanks to the buzz what ‘Change’ which gave us unwavering faith for things not seen, but yet belief that they exist even without evidence. This unwavering faith in the Buhari’s led government, have forced us to remain patient, resilient and calm even in the face of unbearable tribulation. But President Buhari made a monkey out of Nigerians, when he asserted in his New Year speech that “we Nigerians can be very impatient”, what more can we say then, when he who painfully whips us, stops us from crying, it shows how ungrateful the President is, after pleading with Nigerians to remain patient while he fix the mess, today he had tagged Nigerians as impatient people.

Haven failed to bear down on the lingering fuel crisis, which has made many to defy the harsh weather conditions queuing to get fuel, Nigeria have been screaming blue murder but it seems circumstances like these are normal annual rituals that Nigerians must pass through. We were ushered into the New Year with unabated bloodbath in Rivers, Benue and Kaduna state. It is now an establish truth that lives in Nigeria is as worthless as a sweet wrap on the floor, the images from the innocent women and children butchered in Benue state is heartbreaking and should call for a serious revamp of our security architecture.

We timidly tagged these bloodsucking vampires, who go around unleashing terror as unknown gunmen when paradoxically the government knows who they are, what they do and how to apprehend them, the government keep selling wolf tickets and yet no one has been brought to book or prosecuted over the years. Nigerian government think saying ‘Fulani Herdsmen are killing people, is hate and a sham, they think it is a grand conspiracy to repudiate and bring shame upon the Fulani tribe and the president especially. But then, for how long shall we place high value on ethnic affiliation above national security matters. When will the president call a spade a spade, we patiently wait to see when this herdsmen will be proscribed and be declared as a terrorist group.

Surely it is 2018, the quest to win the hearts of Nigerians has commenced, but as our President strives for yet another mandate, he must remember that only the living exercise their franchise, if we had posthumous appointment, certainly there will not be posthumous voting.

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