Like the day of the early morning sunlight, tearing the shades of the cloud apart, Delta state has stood on the verge of another illumination, this was observed as her great political icon and juggernaut, Chief James Onanefe Ibori came into his mother land in blazing glory, as he touched the mother earth of the country at about 7.00 am through Abuja route this morning before airbone to his home town in Oghara, Delta State.

Chief James OnanefeIbori

Despite the travails and political tsunami Delta State has witnessed in the past while he was away, his image and personality which has embossed and embodied the entirety of Delta State can’t be left out as it will be written on the Sands of time.

It is on record that Chief James Onanefe Ibori popularly known as the Odidigborigbo of Delta state gave Delta State a resounding nomenclature by ushering her image on the powered Lane of political references.
His roles as the former Delta State governor cannot be forgotten so soon as he touched all facets of Delta State in terms of administrative wise and all round development. Chief Ibori who is well known for his kind gestures one the downtrodden was greatly missed not only by his benefactors but by every Deltan. He is a grass roots player whose doors are always open as he found pleasure in relating with every individual irrespective of status or background.

A none ethnic bigot and a very rational leader. His love transcend beyond delta state and this has placed him above the pier as the northern people hold him to a very high esteem. He paid his dues in politics when he set Delta State aside in global recognition, an action which some detractors finds offensive. Despite the travails and hate, Chief Onanefe Ibori, has soared like the eagle and will remain a positive factor in Nigeria Politics.

His arrival today to delta has given enough leverage and hope to the common people of Delta State that has been drumming even before his glorious arrival today. It was all free fall for tears of joy as our illustrious son had returned safely back home.

While the people of Delta state rejoice, we are confident that our hope for a better political placement has returned back to life. We are indeed joyous and glad that our father, the great eagle of Delta State has landed and now home with us, his people.

Welcome home Odidigborigbo of Delta kindred!

Long live Chief Onanefe James Ibori,
Long live Delta State
Long live Nigeria

Prince Sylvester Ogba Dugbo,
Warri, Delta State.

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