Your Excellencies, Distinguish Senators, Members of the House of Representatives,Hon. Members of the State House of Assembly, Leaders of our party, party members,Members of the press, ladies and gentlemen. It is my great honor and privilege to start my speech by thanking the Almighty God for His benevolence and mercy on us and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP). I thank you all for keeping faith with our great party during our recent troubling period. Indeed, it was a long, distraction and enduring period.

Thankfully, it was also a continuous learning process which have amongst other things opened our eyes to the imperfections of our politics. I am especially grateful to everyone who have taken time off to identify with a noble course that is poised to reshape the history of the PDP to enable it retake its place as a pace setter institution which has contributed immensely to deepening the democratic processes of Nigeria and Africa. Today, we are on the threshold of making history. However, it is pertinent for us all to acknowledge that so much has gone wrong with our great party and society at large, but I am sure that with the right kind of leadership, we can collectively make progress and graduate the PDP to a height that is commensurate with its human and intellectual resources as well as its contribution to deepening the governance institutions in Nigeria. Let me reiterate that as a political party, of a truth, we must agree our mass medium and publicity infrastructure stopped performing exceptionally well after we took a break from the Presidency in 2015.

I therefore appeal to you that from today we must learn to recommit ourselves to our great party, learn to appreciate ourselves and feel proud in being members of PDPToday, I stand to present my most humble self to you as an aspirant for the office of the National Publicity Secretary of our great party based on my firm conviction that tough times requires tougher people to sail. As I offer myself this day for service, I believe wholeheartedly that I can provide the leadership that is needed in this area. A leadership that will insist that our people are heard at all times and are part of the governance process. One of the pressing responsibilities of this office is to hold, and continue to hold the APC government to its campaign promises which clearly they are unable to fulfill. As a party in opposition, albeit, for a very short while by God’s grace, we owe it to Nigerians to constantly hold a mirror to the ruling party, and constantly evaluate their non-performance making them increasingly unattractive to the electorates in 2019. This I will do with great determination and zeal with your esteemed support.The office of National Publicity Secretary will be responsible to project the image, programs and policies of the party to the electorates. I believe with all my hearts that I can make this happen, that together we can bring the change we need in the party and nation.

My decision to run for this sensitive office of the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP is not by accident because it is borne out of a realization that though time may never be enough to do everything for our great party, but there will always be time to do the right things consistently.The last 14 years of my participation in Nigerian politics have been within the ranks of the PDP. This has exposed me to the most crucial aspects of party leadership and administration which is one of the values I will bring to bear. The leadership of our party cannot at this critical time be entrusted to people who do not possess the requisite experience and knowledge in party administration.

I have been a very active and loyal party man over time. In addition,I was the Zonal Legal Adviser North central for 7 years and member National Caretaker Committee for 3 months. The office which I seek for also requires someone with courage and unblemished records. I therefore stand today to seek the support of every delegate and members of the PDP to emerge National Publicity Secretary.I need your consent to give the PDP a positive voice in Nigeria. I need your support to recreate a new and vibrant publicity machinery in the PDP which will bravely confront and distort the newly contrived corruption and organized graft that the APC has institutionalized in Nigeria. I need your permission to tame the excesses of the rudderless APC led administration that has visited Nigerians with strife, hunger, poverty induced sickness, and agony. I need your backing to help rebuild PDP via a more robust system of engaging the government as an opposition party.

The PDP like our contemporaries in other democratic settings must hold our respective Leaders and governments to account for incidences of failures and imperfections, the media structure of the PDP should and must remain vigilant for the task ahead. I must at this juncture commend some of our Governors, leaders and other party faithful for remaining vocal and consistent in the face of tyranny. May I mention at this point that even recently, due to wide spread irregularities, sharp practices and electoral fraud, the opposition in Kenya led by Rahila Odinga, on account of its strength and viability compelled the Supreme Court of Kenya to annul a presidential election where the incumbent, Dr. Uhuru Kenyatta was announced and returned as re-elected, owing largely to a robust media campaign. In recognition of the feats, various opposition groups have achieved in democratic settings like France, the United Kingdom and even smaller countries like Zambia and Benin Republic, it can safely be concluded that so much has to be done to re-position the media and publicity apparatus of the PDP to make it strong, competitive and viable in line with contemporary realities. In Nigeria in spite of the series of attempt to muzzle the opposition PDP and hijack power through fraudulent electoral victories in some states, we must not fail to commend efforts geared towards retaining some of the states and the collective roles of our party leaders and supporters no matter what we have gone through and will be going through in the next two years, our joy is far greater than our regret because today Nigerians know; The nation has been slowly but steadily heading very fast in the wrong direction. We are fast losing our national virtues and core values as a nation. The confidence of our people in their country is fast eroding. The present government has shown no vision, demonstrated no actions, but national neglect, greed and division.At the moment, it is common knowledge that our national economy is at a record low, even with their pronouncements that we have just exited the recession that was occasioned by their poor handling of the nation’s economy.Unemployment has gone beyond our ability to track; insecurity and lawlessness have become the new norm. The average Nigerian has never been so exposed to evils on all fronts; he is confronted with a comatose economy, in constant perils of rampaging herdsmen, armed robbers, kidnappers and all other social failures which this government is clearly incapable and unable to fix.During this same two years or so, the APC government has been telling us that the nation’s problems did not start with them, and therefore, by their own admission, it cannot be solved by them. They have continued to wash their hands off their responsibility for the economy, education, healthcare and indeed general infrastructure. They have been blaming their failures on the past governments of the PDP, as a clear and unmistakable admission of their hopelessness and cluelessness over governance and national issues. My elders and party leaders, the failure of the APC has thrust on us as a party, the responsibility to restore law and order, good government and to save our nation from impending doom.As a party, we are in search of a new vision. Make no mistake; this coming national convention is about a change in our own party itself. We cannot implement positive change by merely condemning the APC. We will have to do a better job by confronting the real problems of the nation, and by pointing the way to a better future.That is our challenge in 2019. Let me particularly commend members of the national caretaker committee, the leaders of the North central PDP, and leaders and members of the PDP family Kogi State, for their commitment to the success that our party has recorded in the last few months.Please, permit me to at this point to unveil my (9) point agenda which is the foundation on which my aspiration is built.AGENDA 1:Fostering strategic media partnerships with electronic, print & Digital media organizations.AGENDA 2:Creation of a funded & well-equipped PDP National HQTRS Social Media Group headed by a NationalTeamLeader to promote active participation in collation and dissemination of information as well as enhance timely interaction between the party headquarters and members .AGENDA 3:Initiation of “The PDP Governor Speaks” T.V. interview series to feature & promote the development efforts of PDP governors and prominent political office holders.AGENDA 4:Unveiling and inauguration of a “One Month; Two PDP State” Social Media tour.AGENDA 5:Production of a quarterly “State of The Nation” T.V. documentary series highlighting recent developments in Nigeria’s polity.AGENDA 6:Special production of target media sensitization materials for party members.

AGENDA 7:Convening of a PDP annual “Media Week / Interactive Session” to evaluate and publicize achievement of every PDP political office holder in the closing year.AGENDA 8:Inauguration of a PDP annual “Hall of Fame Award” series to acknowledge and promote party members for excellence in public service in the closing year.AGENDA 9:Inauguration of 10 hours’ work days “PDP Call Centre” to strengthen andfurther guarantee unrestricted access to party, manifesto and policy information By virtue of your presence here today, you are welcome to be part of my campaign structure and I welcome you to this journey. As I lead it, I encourage you to remain resolute because it is only when we stick together and demand more responsible leadership that our dreams as a people can be met.Beyond everything else, mine is a call to serve the PDP and our country. I count on your valued support to make my emergence as National Publicity Secretary happen in our interest, the best interest of the PDP and the betterment of Nigeria.Finally, I am honored and humbled by your presence here today. God bless you all.

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