Ndi  Kato is a passionate Southern Kaduna lady. She is beautiful and intelligent. She is a humanitarian, human right  activist, a politician and the CEO  of Dinidari empowerment foundation, below is the speech she delivered at the just concluded SOKAPU Annual Youth  Congress which was held on 25th  February, 2017 in the  St John Cotholic Hall Kachia, Kaduna.

Speech By Ndi Kato at the

SOKAPU National Annual Youth Congress
THEME: 2019 and Beyond

(A call to action)

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Ndi Kato. I am a humanitarian and a “by force” politician. I come from Southern Kaduna.
Thank you for having me.
My speech is a call to leadership in the face of a debilitating crisis.
The question is simple; as young people, what do we do in a time of despair?

We are not united; we are divided and shredded by mini tags when we should all be under one umbrella.

“Crabs in a bucket analogy”; when you put lizards in a bucket, they scurry out immediately. If you put ants in a bucket, they too can run out. But crabs? Crabs will stay there and eventually kill themselves. Any crab seeking to get out of that bucket will be pulled down by other crabs. They will eventually remain there till their captor comes and finishes them off or they will kill each other. I have watched how we operate; my years may be few but I have seen this. We pull each other down; we are spiteful of each other’s success. In summary, we are not united. We have to see ourselves as one before anything else. Our unity should have purpose; our interests should be aligned.

The message is clear, SOUTHERN KADUNA. WE ARE ONE! We have to let go of our differences and embrace our similarities.

We need to come together.
We need to take charge.
We need to have a plan.
We need to have a goal.

Yes we don’t want to be wiped out; that is an immediate problem.
But what is our GOAL for the future of Southern Kaduna?
What is our PLAN for the future of Southern Kaduna?
What do we want and how do we plan on achieving this?
Prayer is good but God put us on earth and gave us the free will to be able to tackle our problems.
We have to decide what we want for Southern Kaduna.
I will tell you what I want;
I want an economically vibrant Southern Kaduna
I want Southern Kaduna and by extension, the middle belt to be a powerful, independent, political bloc anchored by the beautiful indigenous tribes in the region.
I want better infrastructure; world class schools, hospitals.
I want industrialization which supports our first point of economic power.
I want higher literacy rates; Southern Kaduna should be a beehive of intellectuals.
Above all, I want survival and prosperity for Southern Kaduna.

We cannot leave these things to chance!

Getting organized is more than just alignment; sticking together. Getting organized is making DELIBERATE steps to secure the future of Southern Kaduna.
We need to look at other tribes and races that have come out of oppression and take lessons from them. You cannot play on equal grounds when you control nothing. The Jews recognized this; so did the Igbos.
Ask yourselves which aspect of Nigerian existence Southern Kaduna dominates;
Banking sector? No!
Oil? No!
Media? We have barely left a semi footprint there.
Even Agriculture that is our stronghold, we do not control the money or the business. We have remained stagnant without controlling the distribution chain.

It is time for us to be deliberate and to strategize in order to secure the future of Southern Kaduna.

To emancipate is to set free.
For too long, we have lived under the mental suppression of mediocrity painted as contentment; made to believe that what we are doing is enough, that we should not aim too high and that being left behind while society speeds to new levels is the kind of meekness God wants from us.

We were put on this earth to conquer, to multiply and to do great things and we have to embrace that greatness.
My Mother is a great woman, a lecturer and the only educated child in a family of over 10 children. Even with this, we have had a lot of disagreements because she raised us to go to school, graduate and end up in the civil service. Any other dream was too risky. She was always so concerned and sure that we belonged in the middle part of society; not too big … just ok. Thankfully, we have had that conversation where we both realised that this line of thought comes from decades of oppression and suppression.
What do we need to do now? We need to break free from the box we have been put in; the box we are now very comfortable with and we need to chart a new course for ourselves.

What do we do with politics?
Politics is supposedly dirty; we do not want to touch it. But if we good people leave it, who are we leaving it for? The bad people? Thus we are handing ourselves, our future and our children’s future to people we considered evil and corrupt?
It is time to participate, to be deliberate about our future, to hold your voter’s card like your life depends on it.
It is time to go to your ward and pick up a party card, to encourage every one of your friends and family to register with a political party and to participate in politics with a religious dedication. Especially for us young people, leadership does not happen by chance; it is deliberate.
I joined after the last elections because I BELIEVED that Southern Kaduna deserved better and it was on my shoulders as a young person to deliver a bright future to our people.
It is not on my shoulders alone, it is on all of us. GO HOME AND PLEASE PARTICIPATE!
Again, the battle is now ours. The generation before us is fading and we have to step up and be leaders.
Whenever the burden feels too heavy I ask myself “if not me, then who”.
Ask yourselves the same. If you will not stand up to lead Southern Kaduna, who will rise up on your behalf?

Thank you.


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  1. What shall we do at this trial moment United we stands devided we fall we God owns people nobody will devide us in jesus name amen

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