By Gabriel Har Saleh Zock, aspirant for Federal House of Representatives, Kachia/Kagarko Constituency.

People of southern Kaduna. Particularly, people of Kachia/Kagarko constituency.

I consider running for the House of Representatives a privilege, and great honour. Those that know my history will confirm the fact that – if I were told that I will be doing this a decade ago, I wouldn’t have believed it, even in my wildest dream.

I am a typical Southern Kaduna fellow who shared the same experience (of a struggle for survival) with hundreds of thousands of other Southern Kaduna youths out there.

For me, this is a case of an answer to a call, a call to give back to the society exactly what it has given me and even more.

Aside our diversities, there is another ingredient in the SK side: the believe that we are one people irrespective of our tribes and ancestry.

2019 is not a fight between APC and PDP, it is a fight between progressive and conservative. It is not a fight between APGA and SDP, it is a fight between a group of people who believe that politics is the doorway to self aggrandizement and a group that believe that politics is a doorway to the liberation of the masses from hardship.

I tell you, there is just a handful of them. Together, we will reclaim all that is ours.
At this juncture, my question to you is this: should we participate in the politics of sharing money and cars, or participate in the politics of human development?

Remember, always remember that it is not the number of people that own cars that counts, but the number of businesses and jobs that we are able to create for our teeming population.

We have young and talented brains with powerful business ideas in Southern Kaduna, I have identified a number of them. The problem, however, has been a lack in capacity (in terms of strategy, management, and capital) to bring their ideas to life.

We are going to change that narrative.

Together, we will build businesses, with emphasis on technology solutions in areas of health care, education, E-commerce, and agriculture.

The goal is to build businesses that will sell beyond the boundaries of Kaduna and also attract foreign direct investment into Southern Kaduna.

I challenge you to believe, not in my ability to deliver these promises, but in the ability of God Almighty to make Southern Kaduna great through you and I.


God bless Kachia/Kagarko Constituency.

God bless Southern Kaduna.
God bless Kaduna.
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You Steward,
Gabriel Har Saleh Zock.
Aspirant for Federal House of Representatives,
Kachia/Kagarko Constituency.

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3 thought on “Speech by Federal House of Representatives aspirant, Gabriel Har Saleh Zock”
  1. Am convinced by your speech ,and considering your age as a youth u have my support will always stand by you.congratulatin over your victory my hon.

  2. We love you baba.God will keep u safety all d way.un/gaude is bless by providing a pruden leader oh,God is there for you.

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