Gospel Truth

If His Excellency could answer me this I will be glad.

1. A man, just one man came to your house, threw your mother down and has his knife on her throat ready to slice. Will you stand there and watch because there is a government?

2. You are in the bush all alone and a man from behind attacked, threw you down and is about to use his cutlass on you. Will you lay there and wait because there is a government?

3. As a Fulani man that you said you are and yes you are, I Jubal attack and is about killing your cow just like that, will you stand and watch me just because there is a government?

4. You are in Kaduna and you receive the news of your village on fire, will you be comfortable in Kaduna and wait because there is a government?

5. You have a government far off Abuja but you do not fill his impact, insincerity will you call that a government?

The most silly and senseless answer to this questions is the impossible thing you expect SK to when you ask them to keep off self defence.

I do not just preach self defence, I live self defence kindly deal with that.

I do not throw hate speech, I throw the truth of section 33 sub section 2 and in this case subsection 2a of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution. You may have to deal with that too.

By Jubal Free-man Dabo


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