According to SOKAD website “Based on the current population by a greater number of Hausa/Moslems and Southern Kaduna tribes/Christians has seems to provide a natural boundary between Northern and Southern Zaria i.e. River Kaduna linguistic and cultural milieu have also left their imprint on the demarcation of Kaduna settlements, while Northern Zaria appears linguistically and culturally homogenous inhabited predominantly by the Hausa Fulani and pagan Habe Maguzawa, Southern Zaria appear linguistically heterogeneous inhabited by a congeries of ethnic clusters all of which constitute a culture area with a common myth of origin, common linguistic and family group, geographical and climatic conditions, settlement patterns, types of occupation, common traditional political organization and common religious beliefs and practices.

For obvious racial, linguistic, historical, religious and cultural reasons, Southern Kaduna is more than just a concept. It is a geographical region, a culture area, a religious group, a subordinate community, an economic and political minority group, a reservoir of middle level cadre manpower, a geopolitical entity and above all, a people, a human community”.


In view of the above, despite many brains found in that region that is the Southern part of Kaduna, the northern oligarchy make sure they never got to the top of political and academic offices in Kaduna State and the north at large. The people from this region have been marginalised politically and otherwise even when they are more qualified than their counterpart.


Here is a very good example of what I mean by good brains in Southern Kaduna. Yesterday a Southern Kaduna son from Jaba Kogo in Kachia Local government area of Kaduna State, Mr Daniel Sarki Mukaddas, has been awarded the overall best graduating student in the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bedfordshire University in the United Kingdom.


Mukaddas graduated from Federal Government College Malali, Kaduna, before he got admission into Igbinedion University from which he proceeded to Bedfordshire University with campuses in six different locations.


Makaddas graduated as the best student at 28 years. He graduated on 17 November, 2016  with distinction in MSC Public Health was commended by Dr Sally Bentley, the executive Dean, Faculties of Health and Social Science, for his leadership qualities, intellectual prowess and his dedication to studies.



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