I didn’t mention something I consider very important when talking about solutions in my interview with Maupe Ogun on Sunrise Daily on Channels TV so I decided to write about it.

First of all, these are the names of the good people of Asso Community in Jema’a Local Government Area who were brutally hacked to death on the 15th of April 2017.
Moses Adamu Niza
Daniel Winner Dakare
Samuel Bahago
Mrs Dorcas Zakka
Donald Maidawa
Henry Danjuma
Gambo Raphael
Gab Auta
Levi Machu
Mrs Naomi jonathan
Hassan Kevin
Gyomza Pius


People injured are
Friday Yakowa
Jude Bathalome
Sunday Maikano
Gambo Rakumi
Miss Jessica Benedict
Miss Grace Jonathan
R.I.P to the dead.

Mrs Naomi Jonathan left behind an inconsolable husband; a man breaking down before newsmen, a man who will never recover. It is one thing to lose a spouse; it is another to watch the horrific way your spouse died knowing there was nothing you could have done to save her life. Then you are left with the guilt that you also had to run to save your own life.
I have seen this play out before. I know how it ends; I attended Gideon Morik’s funeral.
One could say that Gideon Morik was “killed” by Fulani Militia even though he escaped the day his house was raided and burnt down.
Gideon Morik’s lovely daughter Anna Morik, a young girl who was to become a lawyer like her father was butchered on the 24th of December 2016 while the rest of the family managed to escape; this was the attack on Goska in Jema’a Local Government Area.
The effect of constantly reliving the horror of the gruesome murder of his daughter and the general loss the family suffered sent Gideon Morik to an early grave 3 months later.
The rest of Nigeria only sees figures and with the overdose of tragedy the world is experiencing right now, people move on quickly from news about crisis and strife.
However, can we choose to go beyond the figures on the screen; dig in just a little? Can we stop and imagine life after the devastation of being attacked in your own hometown; in your village, your ancestral home?
The psychological effect:
Three year old babies in Southern Kaduna now know to RUN when they see faces they don’t recognise.
There is paranoia, depression, helplessness, drug abuse and a great possibility of a rise in suicide rates. These are just a few of the effects of these attacks.

Please note that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been done to counsel survivors on how to cope with the trauma of these attacks. Many may never recover; Gideon Morik never recovered.
The second aspect I want to touch on is compensation.
You see the burnt houses in every clip about Southern Kaduna, the burnt cars, the charred crops on farms, burnt churches etc? No one is saying anything about paying for all of these; no one is talking about rebuilding.
Who is going to pay for all the destruction in Southern Kaduna?

I’ll tell you who SHOULD pay!
The Kaduna State Government
The Federal Government of Nigeria
They are the ones tasked with securing the land and lives of the Southern Kaduna people and they have FAILED to do so.
Asso Community is the latest to suffer the devastation of being viciously attacked but there are villages in Southern Kaduna that are yet to recover from attacks which happened more than four years ago.

And this should be injected into the Southern Kaduna conversation and pushed to the forefront to stand side by side with the fact that there is a genocide going on in Southern Kaduna, people are being wiped out and villages are being occupied.

These properties were built with sweat and hard work and if the government cannot secure them, they should at least compensate the owners. Southern Kaduna must be rebuilt.
The autochthonous people of Southern Kaduna have suffered too much loss.

Ndi Kato runs Dinidari Empowerment Foundation, an NGO focused on Providing Help to IDPs in North Central Nigeria.

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