The wave of issues that has bedeviled the Southern region of KADUNA State in Northern Nigeria, is no longer new as every stems that has link to the old town has generously given their little share of thoughts on the way forward which many think will pilot the exit route by ending the crises that has claimed several lives of recent.

The Southern Kaduna region before now, used to be a peaceful town that harbors both foreigners and the locals as they were known to be receptive and accommodating.

The recent crises and rancor that has overshadowed the atmosphere in the region has made it so bloody that it is no longer the old town with bevy of heavy present of its activities which is mainly farming that it is known for.

The killing which started like a common riot has culminated into monumental deep bitterness as the ground which the town is known has been and still being soaked with blood on daily basis. The people whose major occupation is farming no longer have peace or sleep with their eyes closed as a result of invaders and miscreants who has turned and made life unbearable for the indigenes.

The state government on their own has only done a lot to combat the crises by deceitfully leading the people astray by regular misinformation which does not represent the true issue in the state.

Under normal circumstances, one will expect by now, with all the media coloration and encomiums, the state government who once said openly that it paid the perpetrators of the crime to stop killing Christians in the State, ought to have presented a more reliable panacea that will not only stop the killings but bring those whose hands monies given to book.
In a sane society, one would have demanded that Governor El-Rufai explained his involvement with the herds men who he claimed he have access to. Suffix it to say that,the matter like several others ended with autocratic monologue with nothing done to arrest the situation.

Without further ado, we want to state it categorically clear that ; we will not accept the incessant killing of innocent people in Southern Kaduna. We might be forced to defend ourselves in whatever means we deem necessary and durable since the State government has refused to stop playing politics with the issue without taking into cognizance how dangerous it is at present. Many lives has been lost and still counting. Since these evil men from the pit of hell whose agenda is to continously eliminate the Southern Kaduna people. It is paramount that we will do the needful and retain the land that gave birth to us.

It is on this note that we demand that ;

1. A virile vigilante group be set up with immediate effect with concrete terns of preference to defend, secure and possibly apprehend the miscreants carrying out this dastardly act that is ceaseless.

2. A concrete probe be lunched and carried out in respect to the killings that has continuously remained as a seasoned affair with nothing done to combat the situation.

Since the governor claimed to know these people and have been having meeting as to plead and possibly pay them to stop killing the Southern Kaduna people, it will be laughable if they can’t be provided and brought to book.

We will not sit and watch our people being slaughtered like rams with nothing being done to abate and possibly stand as a bridge to the dastardly act by these miscreants. Enough is enough!

National Coordinator,
Voice of Northern Minority

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