By Richard Dambo

Fellow kinsmen, this admonition to you, I must say, is long overdue.  In case it sounds harsh to your hearing, or perhaps time worn to your hefty brains, apologies! However, let it be known from the onset that I do not intend to be economical with the truth whilst writing this admonition. Mind you, it is an admonition not a lamention . An admonition to all sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna to desist from either investing churn time in chasing perceived enemies or vilifying one political party against another. The trouble with Southern Kaduna is more than the rivalry of party politics. It is bigger than the apparatchiks of APC and PDP put together. Sadly, our politicking does not transcend rallying over briefcase politicians and punctuating the landscape with sing songs of marginalisation whereas in secret, the tone and tenor of bewailing is geared towards personal gains. It is the irony of our democratic space  that those who have never been able to deliver their polling booths since the beginning of the present democratic dispensation are still parading themselves as consultants in political affairs. They use our people as collateral in bargaining with the state to satisfy their greed.

My adrenaline is fired up when I remember George Orwell’s description of a nationalist. He said:” The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side ,but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing them.” Suffice to note, we have become so adept to externalising blames that we refuse to make little  efforts that would beget all the difference.

For starters, our political landscape is populated with political “Judases” . And based on the existing status quo, our “political class” are not contenders but pretenders during elections. They dabble into politics not out of conviction for the plight of Southern kaduna. Hence they exchange our mandate for a pot of porridge. Since the demise of the Yakowas, Balats and Madamis of this world, one can arguably say our first-eleven in the game have fizzled out. Less than fifteen months into the much-touted 2019 elections, the atmosphere is replete with news that politicians from the other side are strategically positioning themselves in preparation for the contest while ours are busy holding beer parlour meetings and scheming on how to play the second fiddle.

More to the chagrin is the seeming carefree attitude of our elites. These elites, when in public office, think only of themselves and their immediate families.  What they consider as indices of development, are based on individual achievement. They crisscross the zone with by singing from their hymnal of marginalisation whereas on the flip side, they are drown in the cesspool of what they get. Even when appointments or contracts are doled out to them, they forget the Southern Kaduna plight by exchanging them for a feeding bottle to satisfy their greed.. With the hue and cry of marginalisation, it seems the zone is merely canvassing for political appointments. And l ask, how have the ones appointed from our zone helped anybody? Truth be told, except you are part of their immediate families or cronies, you stand to gain nothing with their appointments. In similarly, even if all commissioners in KDSG become our kith and kin, it means nothing to the average southerner on the street. This is not to say appointing southern kadunites into positions of authority is no good omen. But more importantly, what we need is selfless persons in positions. All these “from what Zone, Local Government or wards issues is not a pressing point. We need goal-oriented, good policy makers in power! Strategic-thinkers. People who will enthrone egalitarianism and move the state forward, not all these job hunters.

We parade ourselves as intellectuals who have excelled in various fields of endeavours . But how have our education influence the gamut of socioeconomic potentials of the zone?  What is the value of our education? Who exactly are we intellectualizing for, and for what purpose ? We blame politicians from the other divide but in reality have not done better than that. As observed by one of our finest thinkers Professor John Gambo La’ah: “We cannot boast of been educated unless we use our education to transform our society for good. We must develop environmental and social friendly templates for constructive engagement and efficiency.”

My dear kinsmen, we have all it takes to; think. Reflect. Articulate. And come up with something tangible other than being sycophants and Internet apologist to the status quo. To be ignorant and tools at the hand of political jabbers and selfish ideologues is a disservice of epic proportions. We haven’t made headway due to the opaqueness of individualism. The enthronement of  “me, myself and I” mantra . We hold town hall meetings and readout well articulated communiqués which does not go beyond the spirit of letters.  We obviously have not learn to galvanize ourselves. Although the zone is sitting on a precipice of socioeconomic stagnation due to neglect from government. A plague of our actions and inactions continually puts the region at the despicable end of the tunnel.



Richard Dambo, a student of Education and Society, wrote from Holy Family Parish, Barnawa Kaduna and can be reached via

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  1. The time has come, we long for the Yakowa’s return. We need more enlightenment and encouragement such as this to beckon from beyond the selfless spirit of Yakowa.

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