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Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna state, yesterday did all he could to restrain himself from expressing the obvious fear of the ruling party after a humongous throng of PDP supporters shut down Sokoto in solidarity of the Peoples Democratic Party, last Monday, but failed.

The unprecedented mammoth crowd in the history of Sokoto State made up mainly of PDP members and APC turncoats, had converged on ‘The Seat of The Caliphate” at the flag off of the PDP presidential Election for the North West, with its charismatic flag bearer, Alh. Abubakar Atiku (Wazirin Adamawa) and a host of PDP bigwigs in attendance.

The rally which was beamed live on Cable Television for the world to see, could as well marked the funeral of the APC in Sokoto State and the entire North West. The surport was unbelievable!

It was out of these grave fear that el-Rufai, notorious for defamatory and libellous outbursts, insulted the PDP as ‘looters and criminals” that must not be allowed to return to power. And then went on to swear that the crowd of enthusiastic and exultant PDP faithfuls, which size of numbers stopped breath of jittery APC leaders, was a rented crowd from Niger Republic.

Of course this is a ridiculous and very uncreative lie which belies the desperation and trepidation that the earth shaking ATIKULATION movement is sweeping over the North West, trampling on the fraud and ruse that the APC stands for.

El-Rufai made these remarks at the inauguration of the APC Campaign Council in Kaduna, which turnout was so poor and dull and sombre that no one needs ask a soothsayer that the days of the lying APC are numbered in Kaduna state.

But in any case, the world is accustomed to the vile and uncivil nature of el-Rufai, who has made his political carrier and unceasing season of war against everything and everyone both in and out of his party.

El-Rufai has every reason to fear and kick against his obvious incoming fall by even conceding that our border control under the watch of APC has become so lose, porous and useless that such a sea of humans could cross from Niger Republic to Nigeria under a few hours unchallenged. He has even at one time claimed on a national television that the criminals killing and maiming innocent people in his state are foreigners from Niger whom he has severally paid compensation to stop the killings. In some climes, such claims by an APC figure like el-Rufai will amount to a national scandal that bring down the party from power.

We are sure of our victory come 2019 and the state that the PDP is most sure of taking back is Kaduna state. Because Kaduna state under the watch of el-Rufai’s APC has not only become the most backward in northern Nigeria in terms of ruinous infrastructure, it has most despondent citizenry and is the most unsafe place to live in Nigeria compared to where the PDP conceded power to the APC in 2015.

However, political watchers have always marvelled at el-Rufa shocking lack of respect and loyalty to those who groomed him from struggling quantity surveyor to public limelight before he ballooned into a monster. The single person credited to raising el-Rufai from the dust is the Alh. Atiku Abubakar. It was he that made el-Rufai the DG of BPE and mentored him to become Minister of FCT, before breaking clean with him and shifting his loyalty to President Obasanjo.

Yet years after all the three men left office in 2007, this is what Obasanjo has to say of el-Rufai: “Nasir el-Rufai’s penchant for reputation damaging is almost pathological. Why does he do it? He is brilliant and smart. …..I appreciated his brilliance and acknowledged his weaknesses; the worst being his inability to be loyal to any person or issue for long…. “

“He was described as a malicious liar. He was more than that ; he is a pathological purveyor of untruths and half truths with no regards to integrity …….. (My Watch Vol 2 page 110 by Olusegun Obasanjo, OBJ)

The above assertion by Obasanjo should constantly remind the public that el-Rufai is patently lacking integrity to speak truth when put under the slightest pressure.

Thank You and God Bless.

Signed: Hon. Aliyu Bello (Youth Leader, PDP Kaduna State)

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