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People look for a solution only where their is a problem. Is their a problem with the senatorial representation of Senator Doctor Danjuma Tella La’ah?. With La’ah, that problem has infact become elusive. This is because of the dogged, altruistic, efficient and effective representation of the Senator.

One primary responsibility of a senator is to correctly gauge the pulse of his people and properly represent them by echoing their pains, fears, hopes and aspirations, and getting results in the process. It is on record that Senator Danjuma La’ah is always attentive to the murmurs of his constituency and has always taken it up at the red chambers. At a point in September 2016, Senator Danjuma Tella La’ah had his Kaduna home invaded by federal police from Abuja, because he dared to re-echo his people’s call for self-defense at the Senate. Despite the intimidation and arm-twisting by very powerful anti-people forces, the dogged Senator didn’t relent in remaining an eternal voice for his people.

Senator La’ah joined forces with other people’s senators (Shehu Sani and Sulaiman Othman Hunkuyi) across the state from zones 2 and 1 respectively, to stop the state from being plunged into an eternal servitude of debts and under development by derailing the $350 million loan request of the state government.

As if that was not enough, the senator’s lobbying skills has brought some federal institutions to the zone with the police secondary school as one and at its completion stage.

On the area of human capital development, the senator’s primary target is the youths as the senator is a firm believer in tree-planting and many southern Kaduna youth have been well rooted by the senator. Many Southern Kaduna youth are rooted today courtesy the foresightedness of the senator. Many more youth are being groomed.

The Senator has shown impeccable love for his party. He has worked and is still working tirelessly for the ultimate success of his party at the state and federal levels. His support during the just concluded local government elections in the state is unparalleled.

The Senator Dr. Danjuma Tella La’ah is opened to advice and heed to the yearnings of his people and is always in touch with his people back home – what more does a people want? With Distinguished Senator Danjuma Tella La’ah, it is always the people first. He has done alot, but the indefatigable senator seems as if he is just starting given his seeming inexhaustible energy.

The irony in recent times, is how the number of persons indicating interest to run for the zone three senatorial seat is growing by the day. Given the Senator’s scorecard so far, one can only wonder what these aspirants are out to achieve for the people that is out of the ordinary. Indeed it is the right of anybody, who feels he has the capacity to vie for any political office, even the presidency. But given our pressing challenges in Southern Kaduna with Senator Danjuma La’ah at the Senate, Senatorial representation is really not our problem in Southern Kaduna. The forces gathering to expand energy at the 2019 battle for the Senate, should, in the spirit of service, channel this energy into addressing other vital challenges bedevilling the zone. Some could even throw their weight behind the Senator Danjuma La’ah, because at this point in our history, we have to be circumspective in tempering with our senatorial seat. It is up to critical minds to really examine the primary motivation of those aspiring for the senatorial seat even with an efficient and effective incumbent.

This is exclusively my opinion as Justice Kibai, and this is not by any means saying Southern Kaduna sons and daughters should not aspire for the senatorial seat in zone three. This is simply examining their motivation vis-a-vis Senator Danjuma Laah’s and whether there is a lacuna, La’ah is leaving in his style of representation they really want to fill.

In my characteristic style I want to say God bless Senator Doctor Danjuma La’ah and repeat him at the Senate for the good people of Southern Kaduna. And I want to call on all true Southern Kaduna lovers to join me in praying for our prime political leader in Southern Kaduna as praying for our leaders is required of every Christian as enjoined by the scriptures.

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