Kaduna Will Be Great Again – 475

Senator Shehu to be questioned by the police on 30th April 2019 with respect to a murder case. The state commissioner of police Mr. Austin Iwar, claimed the army handed over the vigilante guy who implicated Sani as well as an audio tape to go. Rumours has it that the said vigilante guy was tortured by the army and forced to implicate Shehu Sani. Another rumours has it that after implicating Shehu Sani, the vigilante victim of army torture was granted bail and is now receiving medication. Shehu Sani claimed he had a copy of a letter from the state government to the judge, indicating interest in the case – in essence, Sani is saying he is being framed up for murder by governor El-Rufai who is using instruments of state to persecute political rivals. Interestingly, neither El-Rufai nor his spokesman has said anything to the contrary.

Now I ask is it a co-incidence that the same army was accused by factional APC chairman Ibrahim Wada of giving El-Rufai cover as the later demolished factional secretariat at 10b? My wonderment is, how come this army who came out to deny involvement in the demolition vendetta are now the ones handing over the vigilante guy who implicated Shehu Sani to the police? Another thing, it was revealed that the kidnappers of Ibrahim Wada in the wee hours of Saturday morning 30 March 2018, were armed to the teeth and were working for the interest of the El-Rufai camp. Who were these armed kidnappers then? The regular army, or the police, or fulani herdsmen or the daily kidnappers who have been terrorising the entire state ever since El-Rufai took over? I am curious. Was it a surprise that the factional chairman was kidnapped the day APC was holding her primaries? Was it a surprise that he was released the following day only for him to tender his resignation as factional party chairman? Was it a surprise that my friend Barrister Ezekiel Aspect Dyagas lost the APC chairmanship ticket of Jama’a to a lady after El-Rufai pre-empted the conductors by saying preference should be given to the vulnerable, to which he mentioned women and etc? A certain Youth Initiative has raised the alarm that the scheduled 12th May 2018 Local Government Election may be enshrouded in irregularities as people invited to serve as ad-hoc staff were denied the training, while those not invited could get the training. Then eventually, strange people would be brought elsewhere to do the job – a sure sign it is not going to be a free and fair election, and local governments would be robbed of their mandate by the El-Rufai government still. If you ask George Makeri, I will say this forthcoming local government election is not going to be any different from single-handedly selecting another caretaker committee disguised to seem as if it’s the people’s choice.

How comes El-Rufai, who found it expedient to cross international boundaries and pay murderers compensation to stop murdering people is suddenly interested in getting justice against Shehu Sani on murder case? This is a governor whose only words of sympathy for victims of Bakin Kogi and Aso, lately, is silence, talking about justice. Well, I blame Shehu Sani for denying El-Rufai the $360 million loan. If he had not denied El-Rufai this loan, he wouldn’t have been framed up. I guess Shehu Sani had no idea the trouble El-Rufai took to secure this loan. In trying to cut overhead and prove itself worthy of the loan, the Kaduna state government murdered several civil servants through endless verification exercises, outright sacks, etc. Even the traditional institution were ruffled with several laid off. El-Rufai put the state on a standstill for this loan and still couldn’t secure it. To show you his desperation, he even got hapless women to go a-protesting on stipends. Now El-Rufai tried to make us see how the three senators, who had not killed nor sacked anybody, are enemies of the state for simply refusing to apend their signatures to a kleptocratic loan even against the unborn. After this victimisation, perhaps Senator Shehu Sani might back off like the factional party chairman Ibrahim Wada.

Rumours? 150 district heads rejobbed? All Education Secretary sacked? Well Kaduna is looking great I guess.

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