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One of the most vocal and expressive Senators representing Kaduna senatorial districts at the National Assembly is  Senator Shehu Sani representing the central senatorial district,  donated a skill acquisition centre to the  Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Chikun Local Government Chapter of Kaduna State.

According to Elanza, the skill acquisition centre will be used by both youth and women for their empowerment.

The senator said this while handing over the acquisition centre, that those who elected people of purpose into political office can’t find it difficult reaping the democratic dividend.

The senator reiterated thus; “We provided this structure believing that it will be used for a life time. It can also be used in training our youths and women to help themselves and their family members. The skill acquisition centre is aimed at empowering women and youths in communities around Chikun and Sabon Tasha,”.

This is what I intended to do across all the communities in the senatorial district i am representing thus; “This is simply my effort in providing the necessary support for our young men and women to start their businesses. We all know that our country is unable to provide employment to our teaming youths and women but this skill acquisition centre will be a place where many people will learn traits that will help them in life.” The senator said.

He further said; “There are a lot of things we can do to help the unemployed to start up something. This is a very peaceful community that is predominantly Christian and the best we can do to them is to be able to help the unemployed to start something.”

The senator said in the last fourteen (14) months of his administration, he acquired three properties in Giwa and  Birnin Gwari  Local Governments where he donated them to two of the Islamic sect ; The Sunni and the Darika.

“So, as a senator representing Kaduna central, I am representing both Christians and Muslims. This is the beginning of what we intend to do to the Christian communities.”

“Over the years, we have seen orphanages unable to pay their rent. We intent to help some of them because when they have their properties the issue of non-payment of house rent is tackle.”

“On skill acquisition, it is clear that both the state and the federal governments have failed in their responsibilities.”

“I will personally equip the acquisition centres to stand on their own and help our citizens to be self reliant. Kaduna is a heterogeneous and multi-religious society. Whatever one does, he must be sensitive and appreciates these facts,”

“If we are talking about Southern Kaduna, it starts from the central part of Kaduna. If you are also talking about Northern Kaduna, it still starts from the Central. So, my constituency is very strategic and in all our dealings, we have always ensured that everyone is carried along.” The senator said.

By swansy

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