Thursday 22nd February 2018 remains a red-letter day in the history of Southern Kaduna at the Senate public hearing for the establishment of Federal University of Science and Technology, Manchok at the National Assembly. Distinguished Senator Danjuma La’ah is the brain behind the bill. At the public hearing, were some eminent Southern Kaduna sons and daughters that came to throw their weight behind this laudable project. Six personalities spoke to advance reasons for the desirability of the establishment of the University. They were: Dr Z.K.A Bonnat, Prof. John La’ah, Prof. Julius A, Dr. Benjamin Gugwong, Dr. Yusuf Mugu and Rev. Fr. Williams Kaura Abba. The speakers bothered on the propriety and justification for the university in Southerner Kaduna and argued favorably for it’s establishment.

The House committee chairman on Tertiary institutions and Tetfund asked a sensitive question during the session: “is there anybody in this Senate Hearing Room 231 that objects the establishment of the Federal University of Science and Technology Manchok?” The response was a uniamous support for the bill and the Senate Committee Chairman on Tertiary Institutions and Tetfund immediately signaled a nod to the establishment of the Federal University.

In attendance were: ASUU Chairman, Minister of Education, Association of Southern Kaduna Professors, Monarchs, as well as many Southern Kaduna concerned sons and daughters.

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2 thought on “Senator Laah’s Public Hearing on Federal University of Technology Manchok”
  1. Proud of Senator Laah! The new university amongst other advantages shall serve as a growth pole to physical growth and development of southern Kaduna region, job creation and rippling economic growth of the households for sustainable livelihoods. Thanks senate for the favorable recommendation. God bless SK, Kaduna state and FRN, Amen

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