Distinguished Senator Danjuma Tellah La’ah commiserate with the good people of Kaduna State, especially Kachia Local Government and particularly with the Adara people over the death of their Royal Father HRH Agwom Adara, Dr Maiwada Galadima JP.

This is indeed a great blow on the entire State and we are understandably upset and frustrated over this dastard act and it is our heartfelt desire that the perpetrators of this heinous act are hunted down and brought to justice.

I wish at this juncture to appeal to each and every one of us to embrace this unpleasant news with the belief that Justice no matter how long will prevail and take solace in the fact that Good will always triumph over evil.

We must strive together as a people to overcome this misfortune but not through violent means.

I appeal to each and everyone of us to remain calm and law abiding. Violence and break down of law and order has never resolved anything but rather worsen it.

HRH Agwom was a man of peace and we owe a duty to honour this great man’s memory; and would desecrate his memory if we resort to violence.

I appeal once more that we remain calm and embrace peace, a task that I know is not impossible, for we are a peace loving people.

It is a black day for all of us.
A black day indeed.

May the soul of HRH Agwom Adara rest in perfect peace and may the perpetrators of this heinous crime never know peace, amen.

I call on the Kaduna State Government to leave no stone unturned in fishing out the persons behind this condemnable act as this will go along way in reassuring the citizens of this State that Government has not and will not fail in its Constitutional duty to protect lives and properties.

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