By Justice Kibai

Safe water is a scarce commodity in many areas of southern Kaduna senatorial district. Prior to the Senator Danjuma La’ah water project, communities resorted to well water and to some extent, streams and rivers. It is agreeable that these sources are not completely safe for drinking. Humans are not the only users as cattle are seen drinking directly from the same source as in the cases of streams and rivers which is in itself home for aqua animals.

Beside doubts of its hygiene, these wells are not available in every house hold as people living within a community often rally round their communities with buckets, kegs and so on, looking for water from the few houses that are fortunate to have wells. These wells in most cases are unable to serve completely their purpose, due to the number of users, thereby leading to scarcity – which becomes worst during dry season. Streams and rivers are not a quick fix to these, as they are often not so close to dwellers. Thus, the fact that safe and available source of water in southern Kaduna senatorial district is SCARCE or absent cannot be over emphasized.

This perhaps formed the bases for the Mini Water Scheme project which happens to be one of the first projects of the Distinguish Senator. As a representative with grassroots participation he (Senator Danjuma La’ah) was able to identify this need and made it a priority to tackle this as early as possible. He provided both locally manned and electronic boreholes in all communities in the 8 local government Areas of his constituency. Leaving each community with at least 2 boreholes to handle their water needs. Thus bringing water problems to it knees in his constituency . This project was never cheap but worth every penny and more. As a zone that has suffered neglect in the past, the distinguish Senator is bent on restoring it dignity at all cost. Let’s give him a hand. Let’s give him a chance to delve into other aspect of our needs, for together we can and together we shall consolidate come 2019.

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