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Yet again the indefatigable, indomitable, philanthropic, patriotic and altruistic Senator Danjuma Laah, who is a passionate lover of Nigeria and his people, has put critics to shame with his reality. The great response of a certain Ayuba Ayus DW, to a critic of Laah under one of my facebook updates, complaining about Laah sleeping at senate sessions, aptly captured it thus:

“Well, whether he (Laah) actually slept or not at the time of the snapshot, his credentials are glaring before our very eyes. Certain people’s achievements are beyond mere moment of snapshot: they are SEEN in the form of PROJECTS, many of which are already scattered everywhere.”

Ayuba Ayus DW response came before this latest development: indicating the indefatigable disposition of the patriotic Senator Laah when it comes to serving his people.

I was elated when I saw the completion of one of the police school buildings in sync with the senator’s vision to round up work by September this year. In pidgin English, we say Senator Laah is senator ‘talk and do’.

My friend Silas Kuzayet, observed that it is a norm in Nigerian politics for political antagonists to always wish and pray that their opponents in politics never achieve anything reasonable even if such achievements could better the lives of the masses. He went on to say when the proposal of building a world-class police school was made public by Senator Danjuma Tella Laah, his critics and their supporters wrote off the project for being a political campaign gymick, but today same cannot be said by them as the once conceived idea is now a reality for all to see.

What is most interesting is, the Senator himself became the site supervisor always visiting the site to ensure work is going on well: senators don’t come this commited like the Senator Danjuma Laah.

Another interesting development is, the police secondary school in Tum village Kaura local government area has also reached an appreciable level and progressing.

In the words of Hon. Patrick O.: it is now visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the Senator (Dr.) Danjuma Tella Laah is a promise keeper unlike most of the every day politicians who make bogus promises with no intention of fulfilling them.

Given the above project and many others like it ongoing across the Southern Kaduna senatorial zone, only self-seeking forces will frown at Laah giving the Senate another shot 2019 for consolidation for the good of Southern Kaduna.

We say well done Mr Senator and pray that his labour never go in vain for the benefit of posterity.

Have you prayed for the senator today? I have. God bless the distinguished senator.

About the author: Justice Kibai is an exclusively staunch supporter of Danjuma Laah given Laah’s passionate patriotism, effective representation and zonal security among others.


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