Government Secondary School (GSS) Jere has been suffering from lack of water for some times now. When it seems like all hope is gone, Dr.Danjuma La’ah has visited and alleviated this suffering by embarking on a water project which has come to completion. The water project is not just beneficial to the school but also to its immediate environs. The Water Project which has been completed and fully in use now can be seen on the photographs below.

The senator made sure it was a qualitative project that will last long. The expensive facility includes a borehole with five (5) tap heads, twenty toilets for Male and Female use, twenty hand washing pumps, a farm water flower garden for Agricultural Students’ Practical, An Overhead Tank with a Generator to always ensure water availability in the event of power failure. This project is not just beneficial to the students and school community alone but the Jere environs as a whole.

The senator is a good example of action speaks louder than voice as you can see from the numerous project embarked upon to completion by him.

As far as projects articulation, aggregation ,implementation and good representation are concerned, the Senator Danjuma La’ah has done well and has won the hearts of his electorates for a second mandate.

The senator didn’t relent in his quest to seeing children in his constituency enjoy an excellent and a befitting environment for their academic pursuits. He didn’t stop at providing water to the school but he proceeded to building of world-class science laboratory.

The project which is at advance stage will increase the capacity of his constituents in the study of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Computer Education. This is part of what the Danjuma La’ah Foundation has been doing over the years before he became a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is in continuation of his kind gesture in official capacity as can be seen in attraction of educational facilities, rehabilitation of Schools, NOUN Kagoro Study Centre as well as the Upgrading of Federal School of Statistics to a Federal University of Science and Technology Manchok..

God bless you with long life to continue to better our lives Sir.

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