Do you know that on the day and as at the time the 51 APC senators were waiting for President Buhari at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, to come and address them on who he would want to become principal officers of the 8th Senate, the same president Buhari had earlier sent a letter to the senate proclaiming the 8th Senate?

president Buhari is obviously the originator of the problems Oshiomole is trying in vain to solve today.
How can you send a letter proclaiming the senate when you had also asked senators to meet with you for briefings at a different venue?
Saraki obviously outplayed them, being the very tactical and far more intelligent politician that he is.

Going back history lane, according to a report I read on the BBC on the 8th of August 2000, few weeks after graduation from primary school, two Nigerian Presidents of the Senate were removed from office between 1999 and 2000; the first being Senator Evans Enwerem who was removed by votes from 90 senators and later his successor Senator Chuba Okadigbo was also removed by votes from 81 senators.

Senator Adolphus Wagbara resigned after sensing that the odds were obviously and heavily against him and that he would eventually be removed if he remained.

Now tell me, why is Oshiomole taking these whole drama personally?
Yes, Presidents of the Senate were removed from office before now and some may be removed in the future but then it must be done according to the provisions of the constitution. It is true that the constitution is ambiguous especially when it comes to the removal of principal officers of either the Senate or the House of Representatives but then we must also consider the fact that the previous removals of both Senator Enwerem and Okadigbo were done in accordance with the law which states that 2/3 of the ALL members of the Senate must consent to the removal.

Fellow Nigerians, we must speak up against this plot by Oshiomole to commit what I term a democratic taboo in a democratic dispensation.
I am not against the removal of Senator Bukola Saraki, but then let it be done constitutionally and legitimately and not at all costs as the meddlesome and factional Chair of the APC, Mr Oshiomhole has been threatening.

Instead of expending so much energy on pursuing the impeachment of the President of the Senate, which is by no means an issue of national importance, the APC and ruling party should focus on delivering on their promises and making a case for their continuity to Nigerians because in a few months they will be assessed by Nigerians at the polls and such waste of energy on parochialism will only ire Nigerians and win them more opponents rather than proponents.

Steven Kefason writes from Portharcourt Nigeria.

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