In a beautiful world filled with so many  unpredictable challenges, one will but pitch tent with the sliding sling of survival especially if such an individual is a round leather celebrity whose participation in the world of sports has birthed rooms  for millions of fans, thereby recording a monumental feat with an outstanding performance.
When the Ex Super Eagle Player, Sam Sodje was launched into the field of play as a result of his God-given talent, accolades poured Inn from several angles and coupled with the fact that he understands the technical know-how of the round leather game, placed him above par and distinctively distinguished him from his peers. Like the saying goes, every achievement in life has got its tips and teeps, despite the unwavering storm, he kept his cool and savored the terrain of his achievement with sanctity , focused, respect and humility.
Sodje, unlike several other super eagle players, paid his humanity dues by picking many out of the streets and building shelters on their heads. His benevolent attitude is a feat that will be long remembered on the sands of time.
The Ex Super Eagle player and Postmouth defender who carved his inch in the most admirable manner in the world class circle of sport, had his name enscripted on  the re occurring alphabetical placement of remembrance. This however, had his image erected in several homes thereby making his name “Sodje”   a household name in the game of football. An astute and  dedicated focused enigma with several others queuing to learn and copy from his  distinguished but humble  personality.
Sam Sodje
Despite his career which met a brick wall courtesy of a set up by one evil sport journalists named Mazher’Mahmood, Sam Sodje, battled and defeated every facets of acrimonious experience,  having moved on in life and has soared higher than expected, his dogged nature has decimated every stumbling obstacles thereby climbing the wind effortlessly  like an eagle.  With the support of his amiable and loving wife and family members, he tore challenges apart and took his rightful position with ease.
Though the set up which saw Sodje quitting the round leather game and spending almost all his life earnings in futility just to prove that he was innocent of the hateful accusations against him, the case, which has been confirmed lately  after three years to be false with the devil of a journalist facing series of legal  trials and  libel   as being handled by the Prosecution Counsel in United Kingdom, SAM Sodje has relentlessly, forged ahead in life and breaking numerous grounds and boundaries as his efforts has heeded positive ends and achievements in life after sport.
The story behind Sodje’s success is like the Popular tale of the gold passing through furnace before getting refined. In all the travails this Delta State born strong survivor were confronted with as a result of hate, betrayals and set up by Fake SHIEKH Mahzer’Mahmood, ( the evil journalist)  he refused to relent in the fight of a brighter tomorrow  and clung his hope on pity. His attitude to life is a wishful envy amongst many as only rare people are endowed with such supersonic feat and never say-die spirit.
If words are tailored in such a way that it  will sooth the pains and conspiracy Sam Sodje passed through, one will pen down negative artillery of excuses as being the reason he fizzled out in the limelight of international recognition.
Sam Sodje proved a point and that point till date is still waxing strong daily and enormously in the world of sports as  his name SAM SODJE can’t be replicated by any other.
Prince Chux Davix Daniels Onyemaka
Founder , Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians,
Delta Youth Development Assembly

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