Sadau’s Home: Star actress’ dressing criticise by Northern Muslim

Rahama Sadau, the popular Nigerian actress is again in the news for her appearance in the launching of her brand, Sadau’s home’ a beauty lounge which she tagged a place to be in Kaduna.

Swansylinks got this information from the actress Instagram handle where she posted different pictures of herself and many guest who attended the launching, thanking them one after the other. The actress had celebrated her 26th birthday on Saturday, last week.

One of the items in ‘Sadau’s Home’ is the shisha lounge which has attracted controversy mostly from the Muslim in the Northern part of Nigeria. Shisha is the Arabic name for a type of pipe for burning tobacco, an area of business celebrities in the country are presently exploring and is viewed by some as not an enterprise to publicise.

Many Kannywood stars have deversified and delved into the business world, with Ali Nuhu, Maryam Yahaya, Sani Danja and many others launching their brands, while others build Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO).

Muhsin Ibrahim, a lecturer in the University of Cologne, Germany, who recently authored the first book on Kannywood and who has been commenting on Kannywood affairs for over a decade opined that; “Although Kannywood has doubtlessly come to stay, none of its actors or crews will remain active and relevant in it forever. In other words, one’s star may be shining today, but it may not be tomorrow.”

He also said that; “it’s high time we realise that the actress, Sadau, no longer cares about what others think of her. Whether we consider a Shisha lounge right or wrong, as long as it’s profitable, that is all. Shisha is a youth, urban culture in many places in the world. Sadau’s lounge is for the youth.”

You could recall that Rahama Sadau was sanctioned over an indecent appearance in a musical video in 2016 by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN). She was forgiven by MOPPAN authority because of her unreserved apology to the people of Kano State in 2018. He stressed that the board is willing to start attending to films produced by the actress. Sadau has featured in many Nigerian movies in both Hausa and English languages. She is the winner of Best Actress (Kannywood) at the City people Entertainment Awards in 2014 and 2015. She also won Best African Actress at the 19th African Film Awards in 2015 by African Voice. In 2017, she formed a production company named Sadau Pictures where she produced her first movie, ‘Rariya.’

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