Truth be told, when Sen. Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi(APC Kaduna North) told the world in 2014 that the then former Minister of Federal Capital Territory(FCT) Mal. Nasir Ahmed El-rufa’i will throw his hat in Kaduna State Gubernatorial ring, I knew that my political fraternity with him has reached a cul de sac.The character of the man my longtime political mentor announced his intentions is a divisive,panjandrumic,chronically fanatical,and a certified belittler. Because of that, I knew , for once, we shall be in different camps with Sen. Hunkuyi.

On hearing Sen.Hunkuyi’s announcement,  I sent an SMS to my Southern Kaduna political father Hon. Mikaih Machu Takwak to take my name off any mailing list of their group and stop inviting  me to any meeting of their group.Through a combination of factors, I worked for their main challenger in APC gubernatorial primaries.For factors bordering sentiment and materialism,APC delegates gave their gubernatorial  ticket to Mr. El-Rufai in 2014. Variables associated with the type of campaign strategy APC fashioned and other subsidiary reasons made me campaigned for Misters El-Rufa’i and Muhammadu Buhari. A decision I will continue to regret until the second coming of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

One of the strongest reason that kept me off Mr. El-rufa’i was my unfailing instinct of his bias against the people Southern Kaduna and their dominant religion.Within his first hundred days in office, his actions confirmed my “intuition”.For the first time since commencement of this republic in 1999 Southern Kaduna people were denied positions like Secretary to the State Government(SSG),Principal Private Secretary(PPS) and the Chief of Staff. Permanent Secretaries were recklessly and lopsidedly appointed, as well as commissioners and LGA caretaker committee chairmen. Seeing  this as a wind of bad things to come,I shouted blue murder on top of my voice and  tired drawing the attention of our Southern Kaduna ” brothers”in government and APC party juggernauts to no avail.

When PMB finally drafted his ministerial list, Mr.El-rufa’i’s blood sister was made the state nominee.Once more,I protested  and alerted our Southern Kaduna APC members of this injustice and conscious alteration to an existing power sharing tradition .And advised that, we should protest her nomination because it  was outside all known traditions. Instead of understanding with me, my own “Southern Kaduna brothers” went on a massive, sudden and decisive campaign of calumny against my person and called me all sort of names under the sun of Kaduna State.Longtime friends and comrades in the struggle  kept off and joined a growing new army of wicked blackmaliers.

On 12th July 2016 Mr. El-rufa’i also demonstrated that Southern Kaduna people are out of his equation through forwarding of the name of Ms/Mrs Hadiza Bala Usman’s as NPA chief via his friend the minister of transport. NPA is a grade one Parastatal, and no state will ever have two at a time.The broader meaning of this is, Southern Kaduna people will be left with only board members of federal parastatals i.e.if they will be finally considered. Its on record that Mr. El-rufa’i undertook to make sure that any appointment coming to the state will go down to Southern Kaduna, a kind of compassion to them for losing the ministerial seat.It’s is clear, Southern Kaduna APC urchins and political neophytes have been bartered for dogs and lost at the political card of a diminutive creature called El-rufa’i. Will these APC crumb pickers of Southern Kaduna be faithful to their pledge of standing by this Southern Kaduna people’s  hater-in-chief until the last dog dies?

A whole political  booty has been shared without a ration for Southern Kaduna APC urchins. All one can say is, it is finished.The French people will say sa finition. The Spanish people will say “esta terminado”.May God make them wise up, if another chance ever come their way. And for those who think I was in a rush, may God continue to bestow them with the spirit  of Mr. Tortoise so that they can keep their mental crawling flowing.

Kpele my people!  Keple my people!! Kpele my people!!! My God give you Solomonic wisdom to see beyond mere words of dissimulators like El-rufa’i and PMB and courage of King David to square off with people treating you as slaves.( We)the  wailing wailers are through with our  wailing…it’s now the turn of “my brothers” to wail. Meanwhile, I want them to know that, while they wail, i/we shall laugh. And because I/we shall laugh last,it’s like I/we saved the best laugh for the last.

Let me close by lifting a few lines of the battle hymn of the Republic: glory, glory, glory hallelujah the troop is matching on. Glory, glory, glory hallelujah God is on the throne.

By John Danfulani,Ph.D

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