1. Adavi 123,722,576.82
2. Ajaokuta 107,736,966.68
3. Ankpa 138,890,761.03
4. Bassa 108,674,615.85
5 Dekina 147,619, 883.84
6. Ibaji 113,521,783.23
7. Igalamela 113,090,566.16
8. Ijumu 109,735,139.81
9. Idah: 95,821,707.41
10. Kabba/Bunu 116,312,050.33
11. Kogi 103,289,525.30
12. Koton Karfe 130,876,940.04
13. Mopa-Muro 86,092,107.11
14. Ofu 126,400,266.27
15. Ogori/Magongo 83,790,126.56
16. Okehi 123,582,165.75
17. Okene 155,205,155.74
18. Olamaboro 115,853,498.06
19. Omala 107,951,858.74
20. Yagba East 116,649,004.45
21. Yagba West 114,101,999.66
Total. 2,438,918,698.84
Two billion, four hundred and thirty-eight million, nine hundred and eighteen thousand, six hundred and ninety-eight Naira, eighty-four Kobo.

The allocation to the State for the same month is 2,978,310,931.86( two billion, nine hundred and seventy-eight million, three hundred and ten thousand, nine hundred and thirty-one Naira, eighty-six Kobo

On the month of April, with governor-controll joint account, my dear Brother Governor Yahaya Bello and Edward Onoja collected a total sum of 5,417,229,630.70(five billion, four hundred and seventeen million, six hundred and thirty thousand Naira, seventy Kobo.

This is just an allocation for just one month.
By rough estimate multiple 4 billion by 16 months since this Bello came into office, you have over 64 billion. Plus 25 billion bail out. You have over 90 billion Naira. If you add Paris club refund you have close to 100 billion Naira so far accrued to Kogi State people.

If the info from kogi State government is anything to go by. Internally generated Revenue
is over 400 million monthly. Multiple that by 16 month, you have over 6 billion Naira. In summary Yayaha Bello led government has earned over 106 billion in 16 months.
12 months salaries owed. No road or water projected completed do far. No school rehabilitated. No hospital equipped. No scholarship awarded. Though vehicles purchased for security agencies. Kudos. Sir. We know the number, the cost of each. We know the balance.

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