Repositioning PDP for 2019 by Dr. David Charima

Repositioning PDP for 2019
by Dr. David Charima

Every generation comes with varying degree of challenges as does the 21st Century and beyond.

Perhaps PDP may have faulted in harnessing the right tools with engineers of contemporary politics. However, it is high time to restrategize, repackage and reposition the largest party in Africa for a formidable comeback to power in 2019.

First things First: YOUTHS
75% of the work force, logistics and voting age of every electioneering seasons are championed by youths and so is their population.

To reposition PDP, uncommon wisdom suggest that we recognize them in governance more than engage them only to canvas for votes.

#2. Youths are now digitally inclined than ever. Harness this avenue! Create an e-hub for interaction and response to their pressing questions on National development.

#3. If youths can enjoy 30% of appointments at all levels then we have a good deal. Remember, they give 70+% but don’t enjoy 30% deficit.

#4. More than 30 million youngsters will attain the voting age of 18 by 2019 but less than 0.1% have been sensitized and mobilized to register despite the window of opportunity the economic downturn and endemic hardship has created in the country. There’s need for Campus2Campus Campaigns etc…

#5. Job creation and entrepreneurship is the dream of every young Nigerian today. There’s something about this… Explore and Empower.

#6. Enforce the slogan: Raising Leaders for today’s Nigeria.

#7. Use 30 seconds creative and catchy video skits to rally round support on WhatsApp groups and other social media handles.

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