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Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai ‎has been called upon to without any further delay reopen all closed tertiary institutions in Southern Kaduna for students to resume schooling immediately.

Member representing Jaba State Constituency, Kaduna State House of Assembly, Hon. Obadiah Bakoh Wheast made the call yesterday, Thursday while addressing a press conference in Kaduna on what he tagged “issues of great concern” in the constituency represents.

Hon. Bakoh Wheast who is the first House Member to call the Governor el-Rufai to order on major burning issues in the state, wondered that Borno State which has been a theater of war by the Boko Haram insurgents since since 2009, yet, the University of Maiduguri and other tertiary institutions were not closed. Noting ‎with deep concern that “the long closure of these institutions will affect these students psychologically, morally and social wise”, he said any further delay from reopening of the schools will not be entertained by his law abiding people.

On the Governor’s recent outright sacked ‎of District/Village Heads through what Hon. Bakoh described as executive fiat, he said the decision should not only be reversed, but that traditional rulers should be given more responsibilities that should be backed by law, considering the role they play in conflict resolution and curtailing of crises at the community level.

Speaking on the non conduct of Local Government Election for over two years since the coming of this government, Hon. Bakoh Wheast wondered why it was taking Kaduna State Independent Electoral Commission (KAD-SIECOM) almost forever to conduct the election despite all the necessary support it has received through adequate budgeting and legislation. He called on KAD-SIECOM to without any delay release the time table for the conduct of the election so as to give democracy life at ‎the third tier of government.


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